1. CyberchickK's Avatar
    While I haven't kicked my BB to the curb yet, I feel as if I will within the next year due to circumstances beyond control. Before I do though, let me say this:

    My BB Bold 9930 is, in my opinion, one of the most stylish, easy to use, elegant workhorses of the line. I've had 2 BBs in the past and this one is the one I love. The only things missing that are of great importance to me are a higher quality camera and a better browser. Still, I've used both apps a multitude of times.

    I look at co-workers' devices and can't for the life of me see how I'll get along with these new fangled phones. The all touch doesn't appeal to me even though I've heard I'll get used to it. Fact is, I don't want to. The access to applications and settings seems much easier on my Bold, especially with the trackpad button. The sleep holster works great and the battery life is beyond that of the phones owned by people I hang out with. The music plays fine and sounds good with ear gear. The ability to create folders and add/delete and move apps to folders are pluses in my book (I don't really want to swipe forever on end looking for stuff.) Email is almost always in my BB inbox before it is in my computer's inbox. BB IM was great until I had no one to use it with. The little dings and flashing lights were just perfect.

    Yes, BB is sinking. We are in the dust, folks. But I am already missing my awesome Bold. Yeah yeah, it doesn't have access to every stinking app; that will come when I have to trade up, along with other things. But the Bold, along with the Playbook, are very sleek and well working devices despite their shortcomings. I still prefer my Playbook over an iPad. The interfaces will be missed. The small sleek factor will be missed (everything is so dang BIG now). The keyboard will be missed. The straightforward usefulness will be missed. The simplicity will be missed.

    Oh change, you sucky thing you.
    10-04-13 02:06 PM
  2. jrsegoviano's Avatar
    I'm leaving too, My first BB was the pearl then I had a few others including my beloved Torch 9800, Some one offered $260 for my Z 10 and I took it, pulled out the sim card memory card did a security wipe, and handed it over. I loved the phone I did not care for apps (it had all I wanted, I only sideloaded the Chase bank. app) other than that the phone was perfect. What I could not stand is the company's ways these days, No advertising whatsoever in the US, phone sales are dragging, and they don't drop the prices! Sell them at a loss (you already wrote them down) but get the them in the hands of people. I know I would choose a Q5 for $199 over a cheap droid (off contract), they just don't seem to get that, also My playbook became a brick when I had the Z 10 (is any one interested,make an offer). Bye for now BB.
    10-04-13 02:23 PM
  3. hamsterwheel's Avatar
    The Bold 9900 is absolutely a great phone. I loved mine and still do. Everything you've written is true, and yes change sucks.
    I guess I chose to embrace it and though at first I missed a lot of these things, I'm now used to the Zed and I love it.
    Whatever phone you decide to go with next, you will adapt to it..........I say try the Q
    10-04-13 02:26 PM
  4. xanadome's Avatar
    My BB Bold 9930 is, in my opinion, one of the most stylish, easy to use, elegant workhorses of the line. I've had 2 BBs in the past and this one is the one I love. The only things missing that are of great importance to me are a higher quality camera and a better browser. Still, I've used both apps a multitude of times.
    Thank you for saying this.
    An AF camera and a better browser was all we ask for.
    Imagine BBRY did the right thing to make a straight upgrade of 9900/9930 on a new and modern platform, BB10 or otherwise?
    Then, we are celebrating the renewed BB, rather than preparing for a funeral.
    But some people, including the current BBRY management get this. Folks think we are just a bunch of old guys/gals simply lamenting the demise of legacies.
    I don't need another stinking all touch slab either, as I already have an iPhone 5.
    Oh, well....
    10-04-13 03:12 PM
  5. xanadome's Avatar
    And just because 9900/9930 are a QWERTY device does not mean it's archaic, but it's a culmination of years of RIM's effort to make it into one of the most utilitarian and efficient business handset.
    It's quite different from others, which was keeping RIM afloat.
    BBRY abandoned all these built-up assents, and jumped into a "me-to" market where sharks were seeking for a prey.
    They probably now know the mistake they committed, but it's probably too late, unless they are secretly building a super bold, which is most unlikely. They are running crazily to launch just another flop, the Z30.
    What they should have done was, build a super 9900 first, while working on BB10 devices.
    Continue with Z10 and Q10, building on (incorporating) all legacy functionalities, but with Q10 with trackpad and other function buttons. Then, BBRY is on top of the world again.
    But first thing first. Let's go get flowers for the funeral.
    10-04-13 03:26 PM
  6. lcchick's Avatar
    I'm leaving when someone pries my BB from my cold, dead hand! I have tried different phones, a couple of android sliders and my husband's iphone, and i can't type successfully and comfortably on any of them. I spend FAR more time typing on my phone than talking on it, so the keyboard is a must for me. I miss the Tour (9630?) which had the smoothest keyboard ever, but the 9930 is a nice replacement. And the q10 will be a good replacement when my Bold eventually dies. Bottom line IMHO is this: you're never going to find one device that meets every single need you have, so you go with the one that meets the most important needs. For me, that's a QWERTY BB. Keep your funeral flowers, no need for them here!
    xanadome likes this.
    10-05-13 06:49 AM

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