1. busyzubee's Avatar
    I haven't been a member of this forum and this forum has answered all my questions I had over the years about my Bold 9900. But today I couldn't find an answer so here I am with my first question.

    I have a Bold 9900, originally t-mobile, now unlocked with OS (rel 2807). Prior to this OS, I had .861 and .912 installed. Today I got a message "Built-in Media Storage not accessible due to detected errors. Do you wish to repair it now? Yes or No." which I seen pop up couple of times over the years. But when I click on "Repair" the phone gets stuck with its screen on. I kept it for an hour like that, but nothing happens, infact if i connect it to the computer, the computer doesn't detect it, not even BBSAK. The message first appeared on .912.

    So what I did was
    1. Wipe device using BBSAK
    2. Download and Install OS (rel 2807).

    But as soon as the phone starts after the installation, it asks the same question and as I click on "Repair" the same thing happens.

    I tried looking for solution here but couldn't find it. HELP!
    07-25-13 12:56 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    You seem to be focusing on it being a device issue, when in reality it could very well be the SD card itself. Take it out, try it on a computer and see if it works. If it does, back up the stuff on it and format it. Then put it back in your device and see how it works from there.
    07-25-13 01:47 AM

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