1. kasiwcd's Avatar
    I have an issue with trying to connect to the Internet with the simcard. It will only let me connect through wireless.

    when i go to browser and give it an address to go to it says
    " This is a wifi service.Please ensure you device has an active Wi-Fi connection and try again"

    i don't want to have to use wireless all the time, i can get on-line if i put the Sim in a 8800 so why wont it work in the bold.

    thanks in advance
    08-19-08 10:32 AM
  2. Hankster's Avatar
    Different phones require different settings especially when it comes to 3G networks. These settings and activation of services have to be done BY the service provider. You can't just "plug and play" a Bold. This is why buying one before launch is pointless.
    08-19-08 11:05 AM