1. cjsmoove's Avatar
    Coming from AT&T and the 9000 I was able to make a call and jump on the internet....going to Verizon and the new 9650 it's telling me I have to finish the call first ????? wtf.... Do I need to change a setting or something ???
    06-05-10 11:57 AM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    That is a limitation of CDMA. You will only be able to use data and voice simultaneously if you are connected to Wi-Fi for the data.

    Only GSM 3G networks allow simultaneous use of voice and data on the 3G network.
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    06-05-10 11:59 AM
  3. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    Hopefully this technology will change in the future. I know the Evo 4G (Android) allows for users to be on the phone and use wifi for internet I believe, which is a step in the right direction, now we just need them to allow simultaneous voice and data for us CDMA folks
    06-05-10 12:04 PM