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    I just moved to Brandon Manitoba. i got the BB Bold 9780 on telus and I got no connection. I was told by telus i need to get a deferent bb (they didn't tell me what one) i was wondering if anyone knows of a BB with telus that would work in brandon Manitoba area. Thanks
    09-01-11 12:16 AM
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    well judging from the following map, Telus doesnt show any GSM covereage for Bandon, Manitoba.


    after some more research, it looks like the majority of Manitoba is covered by CDMA (Digital PCS and 1X on their map)only. there is no GSM coverage in Brandon.


    looks like you will need a CDMA blackberry or change carriers to one that offers local GSM services. this should be a pretty easy and obvious thing for Telus employees to help you with.
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    09-04-11 02:24 AM
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    TELUS' HSPA coverage in Manitoba is pretty much limited to Winnipeg. They are starting to expand that a bit, but I don't think you're ever going to see privince-wide coverage. I'm not familiar with Manitoba, so I'm not sure where Brandon is.

    As for CDMA coverage, TELUS has you covered with MTS roaming agreements, but I don't believe that data is covered. You would need a CDMA BlackBerry (Tour 9630, Curve 8530 or 8330 for example). This would get your province wide voice coverage, but you'd only get data within Winnipeg.

    Honestly if I were you I would go with Rogers or MTS.

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    09-06-11 02:32 AM