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    Here is an accurate way to find out your boot up times after a battery pull so you compare between OS updates-

    Clear the device log - hold alt and press L G L G then press the bb button and select clear
    Then take the battery out
    Put it back in
    Wait for it too load up again
    Then open the event log again
    The system start up start time will be highlighted in green and can be found by scrolling down for a while
    Find the time by pressing the trackball which opens a new menu with the time on
    then press T to go back to the top of the log
    At the top list do the same and work out the time difference

    In running 5.0.100 and have now got a bootup time of 61seconds!!!!

    Boot up times vary depending on how many apps you have installed

    What's your boot up time??

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    06-22-09 12:45 PM