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    I was using the 9930 normally when the device decided to reboot, entering into a boot loop. I tried pulling the battery but that didn't do it so I reloaded the device software with Full Erase and then Loader and the problem presented itself again. I was in the middle of setup and the boot loop kicked in. If the device turns off the radios by itself, it boots into the OS normally exiting the loop. Most of the time it just reboots before finishing the boot. Turning on the radios and using the devices reboots it into a boot loop. Booting into Safe Mode does not solve the issue. The battery also drained very rapidly, almost instantly, and charged back to the previous level within minutes two times this week when the device was just sitting or rebooting, but is otherwise fine. I have considered this might be a battery issue but I don't have a spare to test against. Any suggestions on cause or solution?
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    01-08-14 07:37 PM
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    Sounds more and more like the battery. Try borrow one?
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    01-08-14 07:56 PM

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