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    Tip for: OS 6 only, 480*360 screens only.

    I use the bookmarklet Readability now and again when surfing the web from my Mac and thought it would be useful for my 9780 what with the small screen.

    The bookmarklet makes webpages that have text you want to read easier to read. It removes ads, banners and superfluous stuff. It does a pretty good job.

    I was able to adjust it some and I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome and thought I'd share in case anyone was interested.

    I tweaked it to zoom a bit and increase the font size for the BlackBerry.

    Get the code below in a new bookmark in your OS 6 browser and name it "Read" or whatever. When you find a webpage article you want to read without all the zooming and scrolling and squinting, before you start zooming, press the letter "k" to open bookmarks and select this "Read" bookmark(let). Wait a few seconds for it to do its magic and voila, Readability!

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    Thank you so so so much it works fantastic on my new Bold 9780. I don't use mobile browsing for jumping around on large websites (in tiny view), i always use it for reading things, i don't know why OS6 doesn't have the column view. But this readability bookmarklet has saved me now!!
    07-14-11 06:41 AM