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    ht tp:/ /w ww.p r.com/pre ss-rele ase/87663

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    Apparently this company has Bold's in stock and ready to go on release. Their website also states the out-of-contract and unlocked price as $719. You can pay that amount right now to make a preorder. The release must be very close if they're allowing preorder...
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    Actual link...Unlocked Blackberry 9000 Bold AT&T (unlocked) Quadband GSM World Phone On Sale Buy

    and really it means noting..they don't say they have them in stock they just say they will take your money now...and leave you hoping you will get your bold WHEN it becomes available..

    RIM hasn't even fully finalized the OS for the bold as of yet. their is still OS's being released and tested for it under the 4.6 moniker as well as 5.0 OS BETA's, and in true RIM fashion I expect it to be delayed..hence no availabilty date was announced at WES...they didn't wanna put their foot in their mouth and then have to admit to it being delayed.
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    Yes, the website allows for preorder, however the press release on P R dot com states "The three phones the Cellhut is proud to announce are making it into the warehouse are the Sony Xperia X1, Blackberry Bold, and HTC Touch Diamond."
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    negrielectronics shows August 8 2008 for their "release"

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    There isn't any date on when they are making it to the warehouse per say though.
    05-29-08 08:55 AM
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    Pretty sure they're just trying to get some Search Engine placement and make a buzz... when the Bold 'truly' becomes available, it'll be everywhere and we'll allllll hear about it.
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    I need to get a grip! I google Bold every 5 min!

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