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    As someone that lives in spreadsheets, I've often been intrigued by idssteve's constant evangelizing of the 9930/9900 as an incredible spreadsheet editor.

    The other day while working on a spreadsheet with my Classic I decided to give it a whirl on my bricked-by-Verizon 9930 and was blown away by how much more power and efficiency I was able to get out of the Bold's 2.8 inch screen with Documents to Go! If I was getting by on my Classic, I was now flying at Mach 2 with my Bold.

    All of this enthusiasm was subdued a bit this morning when I transferred my files to my MacBook via Bluetooth transfer to my Classic (and a couple via NFC, just for kicks!) and then via Dropbox (Basket) upload from my Classic. The files were corrupted. Probably because I was working with older versions? I had to upload the spreadsheets to Numbers (Mac) and then download again to Excel. It worked but it was quite a workaround and I also lost some functionality in some formulae by doing so. If anyone has a better workflow to enable smoother compatibility, I'm all ears.

    The Bold spreadsheet experience over the weekend was enough to have me considering and plotting a 9900 + MVNO solution for a network that hasn't outlawed 3G yet. Maybe T-Mobile? We'll see where that goes.

    It's too bad when a newer version means removed features and reduced productivity. I've been heavily mulling a Key2 LE over the last several weeks and wonder how the spreadsheet capabilities there compare. Lack of a toolbar alone may be too much to overcome from the start.
    05-13-19 09:03 AM
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    I may be completely off-base here, but I wonder if the files were really corrupted or if your Excel is set up to view older file versions as a security threat? I'd have a look at the file compatibility settings in Excel on your Mac.

    On the transfer issue, can't you just get hook up the Bold to the Mac with USB and access the files from Finder? I know wires are gauche, but sometimes they're the easiest solution with old tech.

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    05-13-19 09:20 AM

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