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    Hey guys,

    So, for the first time, a BlackBerry has let me down. Luckily I have (now had) a lot of unactivated SIM cards, so after I took my SIM out to try the iPhone 3GS out a little bit to test the market around where I live, I quickly grew tired of that thing from Apple, and wanted back on the BB. No dice.

    So I talked to everyone from Business Care, Tier II Tech Support, activating one brand new SIM after another, the BlackBerry folks at AT&T (they're actually pretty good, maybe not).

    Everything else works, the screen, trackball, apps, everything. It's not like I dropped it on asphalt or in the toilet. No, it got a well-deserved rest, and now it's acting like a spoiled car insofar as that the Bold ain't working.

    Before I get another one, is there anything else I can try?? I have .282 on it, which had been on it for weeks w/o anything else. How would I copy my contents, text messages, PIN msgs., and my 3rd party apps?? Is there a way to retain my PIN #?? I don't mind getting assigned a new one, but I'd like to at least my work.

    Please help. I have several brand new and almost new phones. I'm back on the iPhone playing "Paper Toss". I really need my BB 9000...now would be a good time!!

    Thank you!
    07-22-09 02:46 AM