1. gadgetgirl05's Avatar
    Seems as soon as I turnt on the PC, and Windows Live Mail booted I am now not getting any emails on my phone. As with facebook notifications using the facebook apps, although that has been a bit more hit & miss.

    What I did notice was when I logged windows live mail all the messages I had read on the bold, and checked on mac through browser were still coming up as unread. So seems to be a major conflict between the two.

    I have tried looking for a solution to these, but come up with nothing. Other than maybe having to delete windows live mail and using a browser on the PC which is a major bummer.

    When I said an email from my phone to another email address of mine, I receive this, but no other messages sent from anybody else.

    If anyone has a solution to this would be hugely helpful.
    08-21-08 05:34 PM