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    Head 2 Head Comparison and the Bold Wins


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    A lot of the "wins" on the Bold side are subjective. Why can't it just be let lie that they are both great devices??

    For example, the following things mean nothing to me:
    -Stereo Bluetooth
    -Video recording
    -BlackBerry Messenger
    -Bluetooth Tethering
    -Replaceable battery
    -Camera zoom (the Curve's digital zoom does nothing but make pictures ugly, and I never use it. I just can't see the Bold's being better considering it has the same 2 megapixel camera)
    -Hardware keyboard (this used to be important to me, but I have learned that I never write long emails or post long messages to forums from my phone. The most I do is a couple hundred character SMS, and for that, any keyboard with a qwerty layout works. I still need my qwerty, but whether it is virtual, or real, means little to me anymore)

    The only clear cut "wins" between the two, in my opinion, are that the Bold does MMS and Cut/Paste. MMS is only marginally important to me though, and I can use email to get around it if need be.

    The comparison is also misleading. For example, under the "GPS" section, Hayden says that the Bold has GPS and BlackBerry Maps. Under the iPhone, she just mentions assisted GPS. This makes it sound like the iPhone is missing out on something, when it really isn't. The iPhone's GPS works with the built in Google Maps app exactly how the Bold's GPS works with BlackBerry Maps. Assisted GPS is also far better than standard GPS. Standard GPS is only usable when in sight of a satellite, assisted GPS will use the same satellite tracking when in sight of a satellite, but will fall back to wifi/cell triangulation when out of sight of the satellite to help find your location.

    Another misleading point is BlackBerry Messenger. BBM is useless if you don't have contacts that also use a Berry, like myself. Every time I have tried to get into the PIN exchanges here on the boards, it fails and people never really talk, so I have hidden the icon and will actually delete it from my Curve soon. On the flipside, both devices are capable of 3rd party IM apps, the iPhone just doesn't ship with one preinstalled while Apple irons out their "push notification" system. There is nothing saying that JiveTalk, the most common BB IM app, won't also release a native iPhone client.

    The final misleading point is the audio and video compatibility lists. To the best of my knowledge, iTunes will convert anything that is not compatible with an iPod or iPhone to a compatible format. I may be wrong, but I could have sworn it did it for me when I put some standard movie files in there. If I am wrong on this point, I apologize.

    One other thing though. She completely ignores the concept of MobileMe giving all personal level iPhone users push mail, contacts, calendar, photo sharing, and 20 gig of online storage for $99 a year, or $8.25 a month. To achieve the same thing on a Berry you would have to first change to a BES data plan, then sign up with a hosted BES and pay them their hosting and usage fees. The cheapest I have ever seen is $10 for a single user. So in essence, to do on a BlackBerry as a single, personal user, it would cost you a minimum of $55 a month in data fees on top of your minute plan. To do the same thing on the iPhone would cost you $38.25, but MobileMe is generally a one time payment thing, so you won't actually feel it month to month.

    My ultimate point however, is that they are both great devices. They both have strengths and weaknesses, and there can't be a definitive "list" that calls one the winner over the other as any list is subjective to a single persons wants and needs.
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    There is no comparison between the two. This comparison is beating a dead horse. The iPhone and Blackberry have different intended audiences and are completely different even in their main functions. The iPhone is a media device and the Blackberry is designed with messaging in mind. Touch screen vs. tactile keypad.

    Stop comparing the two.
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