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    Hi Y'all...

    So many of you that may know me, will know how mch I luv and adore my blackberry's particularly my blackberry Bold. I thought I'd post this following a number of different comments I had received from my regular readers (see http://emkwan.wordpress.com) and viewers (see http://www.youtube.com/emkwan) on why I seem to be less and less blogging or videoing about blackberry os/platform or on any of the new devices or hardware.

    The reason for this is I feel RIM is missing what consumers what and need. Over the past 6 months, after my decision to try out other handsets etc, I've been impressed with the blackberry platform and see its great benifits particularly seamless push email etc. However I am also begining to feel with the new devices being launched, that RIM is not doing enough to innovate its OS. Enhance the OS to compare to the likes of Android or even the 'evil' iPhone OS.
    This was recently highlighted with an uncle of mine who was overly excited with the purchase of his Blackberry curve 8900! With much help from me and spending considerble time trying to get used to the curve his frustrations with how 'geeky' the os was made him return the handset and purchase the iPhone 3Gs. Simply he commented: "I don't have time to learn how to make blackberry's simple for me".

    This is just one of many examples I get emailed to me. Having owned an ipod touch 2G now for over three months I feel I'm using that now more for the items related to web and even email at times. It ease of use clear UI and simplicity in operation make it less of an eye sore to use over extended periods of time. YES without a doubt I miss the comfortable querty keyboard, and the 'mutlitasking' however I must admit, after a month of use of the ipod's keyboard I am able to type with minimal errors. Also this 'hype' about multitasking, though true in many way is irrelevant in my opinion as majority of times its a simple push of 1 button to go back to where all the other applications are for me to select which I want next.

    One of the most frustrating things for me with the bb is how its basicly a non-useable online device. What do I mean by that?! Well for all the 'multitasking' hype the BB browser strugles to load even the simplest of pages as well as being limeted to only one page. I have tried everything in my power to use it to view Youtube and have been unable to successfuly do so. This frustrates me considerably as it feels RIM has done nothing to address or work on these vital areas.

    All in all, I luv the blackberry but I'm getting more and more attracted to the other options out there. I'm holding on tight to the hope that RIM would quit adding to their portfolio of hardware running 'old' OS's and start focusing on new OS's.

    I wanted to share my thoughts with you all. Its early morning here and hope I have not offended any of the more loyal and 'hardcore' BB fans. As a side note this community has been unbelivably supportive to me both around my BB as well as during difficult personal times. I luv how BB has made people so pasionate about a Phone be able to also support eachother.

    So... What are your thoughts guys?! :-D

    Peace n Blessings Y'all...emkwan

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    07-10-09 02:19 AM
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    I know where your coming from,I love my Bold,being able to email freely and get one back is the most important thing to me,and there's nothing better at doing the job than a BB.However,I also find myself asking to look at friends and families phones and playing around with them and thinking WOW,how cool.I like the android platform phones and the new nokias ,but when I try and send a text or email on a touch screen it doesn't take long to remember why I don't use one.I like a proper key pad,as for the rest of the features your right,at the end of the day the bb browser is rubbish.yes you can veiw a web page but that's about it and as the the other apps they don't really excite me.I need my bold but I agree with you and maybe RIM could do something with the OS and make it more fun.

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    07-10-09 02:51 AM
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