1. besartk419's Avatar
    im using a friend bold thats unlocked with my tmobile sim card.the issue is that the service doesnt work whatsoever.i think it might be the phone because when im in the same location but have my simcard in my 8700g,I have service.EDGE service.
    ive wiped the handheld many times,same problem.ive called tmobile,they sent me the service books. but still...no service..what can i do???
    07-21-09 01:03 AM
  2. Lluvia's Avatar
    When you pop in the T-Mobile SIM card into your Bold, what appears on the signal bar?
    07-21-09 01:41 AM
  3. bmwmpower's Avatar
    Sigh. Search, dude. I'll be nice though and give you a hint, APN. wap.voicestream.com
    07-21-09 01:42 AM
  4. Lluvia's Avatar
    From the thread:
    You may no longer have to do these steps! It seems T-Mobile may now have the proper Bold Service Books. If you have a BlackBerry Data plan, go to MyTmobile Log in, go to email set up and choose change device. Enter the Bold's PIN and IEMI number and send service books. You may also need to register with the network by going to options>advanced>host routing table>menu>register now. Good Luck. Let us know. And don't for get to set your TCP APN settings by going to: Options>Advanced Options>TCP. APN should say wap.voicestream.com Nothing under user name or password.
    07-21-09 01:45 AM
  5. Kennyatpnl's Avatar
    i have the same problem, i posted it on the other thread too. its not the service books or APN.

    its really random, sometimes i turn it on and i'll have service. most of the time it'll say searching for service then goto "no service" and i have to repeatedly turn my phone on and off before it'll connect.
    07-21-09 07:10 AM
  6. besartk419's Avatar
    nope it has nothing to do with the APN or the service books i dont think.i tried goign ot atnt but they were like we dont service unlocked phones and i tried going to like a random phone store,they dont fix blackberrys.so im liek clueless now.everything is the way ITS SUPPOSED to be.APN is the way it should be,the service books are there and registered.i get service and lose it right away.i dont get it.
    07-21-09 10:12 PM
  7. besartk419's Avatar
    ive been searching too!
    ive even tried to conatct Blackberry themselves but its all business,no personal contact what so ever.so i cant even talk to them.i dont get this.if i upgrade to the 5.0 for the bold,u think itd help any?
    07-21-09 10:13 PM
  8. kentuc794's Avatar
    Have you tried an ATT sim card to see if the phones works that way? If it does then you can focus more on the service and settings instead of the phone being broke.

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    07-21-09 11:15 PM
  9. besartk419's Avatar
    yep and its actually WORSE.
    see,i get service,in limited areas and when i do,everythings fine and dandy...but then,once i lose it,ill lose it for a while.especially my house.i DONT get anythinggggg.so yea,idk if its the phone,even if it is...where can i turn to fix the phone itself... :'(
    07-21-09 11:42 PM
  10. besartk419's Avatar
    okay,ive been using this for a 2nd day.ive been having great service everywhere BUT my house.i do get service in my house with any othert tmobile phone..so idk whats up,idk if i should buy a diff bold or jus keep this one...im so lost
    07-22-09 10:47 PM
  11. Defton.'s Avatar
    Is not the phone.
    The problem is that Where you live T-mobile it does not have service there.
    I live in MA. And t-mobile has a great service here but I go to NJ every two weeks and some places
    T-mobile does not have service on my Business Associate's House.

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    07-22-09 10:56 PM
  12. besartk419's Avatar
    but how?
    like...i get great service with my other tmobile phones IN my house.so idk.i just bidded on another bold,i really hope its not a mistake.i love the phone tho
    07-22-09 11:16 PM
  13. pltaylor's Avatar
    It sounds like the phone is set to 3g. Which you will not get on T-mobile (different 3G frequencies). Now, depending on what OS you are using you can turn off 3G. I don't recall which ones you can and which you cant. Go to manage connections>mobile network options and see if you can set it to 2G only.
    07-22-09 11:38 PM
  14. besartk419's Avatar
    theres no real way to turn it off.when im in my house tho and manually search for a connection 2G and 3G at&t service comes up.so yea.idk,i might hold onto this phone.its only costing me $140.ill sell it on ebay if anything. but give me some more things to try so i can keep on trying to fix this ridiculous problem lol
    07-23-09 02:03 PM
  15. bmwmpower's Avatar
    i'll buy it from you for $140. it doesn't seem you have a legitimate problem. not from the way you're explaining it at least
    07-23-09 02:25 PM
  16. 4eign's Avatar
    theres no real way to turn it off.when im in my house tho and manually search for a connection 2G and 3G at&t service comes up.so yea.idk,i might hold onto this phone.its only costing me $140.ill sell it on ebay if anything. but give me some more things to try so i can keep on trying to fix this ridiculous problem lol

    4real if u really wanna get rid of it ill give u $140....wtf ill thro u $25 more....$165. PM if u wanna make it happen
    07-23-09 03:27 PM
  17. 4eign's Avatar
    all i did was put in my sim and it recognized it right away. I had to call tomo and they transfered me to the unsupported dept and they made me do somethings. I dont have 3g in my area and i had GPRS on my phone not EDGE, come to find out i was 2 blocks frm a "2 bar area" as soon as i went into town or drove around i had EDGE. Phone works beautifully

    I have it set on manual scan but it recognised my sim card right away

    Do u have a blackberry plan? Go on tmobile.com and switch your phone pic to a 8900.

    Good luck...
    07-23-09 03:30 PM
  18. besartk419's Avatar
    lol its technically not my phone yet so i have no right to sell it.i mean the phone is beautiful,i was around my town today,but i didn't get great reception.it works GREAT in Brooklyn(where i work and around it) but once i go around here in Staten island,its like nothing.
    07-23-09 06:33 PM
  19. hauntyoueveryday's Avatar
    ive personally had the best experience with my bold. i bought the phone from a friend, call at&t and they unlocked it without almost any questions. then i called t-mobile and told them i switched to a bold, they sent service books and everything seems to work perfectly, browser,mms,txt,calls everything.
    07-23-09 07:44 PM
  20. j0hnnyv's Avatar
    phone is not the problem... how do i have a brand new at&t bold that I unlocked for tmobile and it works no problem? wifi works...gps..everything..get all my emails, web, im,twitter,facebook,bbm.

    all i did was follow all the 100,000 guides on here for using unlocked bold on tmobile. you obviously are doing something wrong and not telling the whole truth.

    you logged into tmobile.com and re-sent all service books from there AND updated your new PIN and IMEI # under your acct info?
    07-23-09 07:57 PM
  21. besartk419's Avatar
    well im trying everything i can.i called tmobile again,they said everything is the way its supposed to be and still the same problem.ill just stick the 8700g til then onyx comes out then..whenever that will be...:'(
    07-23-09 10:24 PM
  22. besartk419's Avatar
    i retried everything,im trying to register the service books but like i said,i dont get service in my house. so i dont get anythinggg.
    i dont get this at all.i updated the PIN and IMEI number,i got everything on here,but its still nothing.
    07-23-09 11:00 PM
  23. besartk419's Avatar
    i just even installed .282 OS to try and switch it to 2G only...and nun still!
    07-24-09 12:21 AM