1. richard371#CB's Avatar
    I have had several Bolds and after awhile the earpieces develop a slight rattle when listening to people voices etc. This starts to happen after using the Bold for a few weeks. I have replaced the speaker and it happens again after awhile. The Bold uses 1 little speaker for voice, music, hands free etc. What I think is happening here is to much is being pushed through this speaker when playing music and ringtones etc that it damages the diaphragm of the speaker. Although I donít notice it when listening to music, it rattles when talking to people. I just replaced the speaker form another defective Bold and it sounds great now but its only time before it happens again. I am going to use low ringtones and not play music through the speaker but sometimes I have to use it for conference calls etc.

    this has happened on multiple Bolds and multiple speakers. I was really surprised to see that little speaker is doing all the work.
    06-11-09 12:32 PM