1. uglyduckly's Avatar
    Does anyone know if the screws on the BOld are all equal?

    I want to replace them but some vendors on ebay have sets with "4 T5 screws plus 2 T5 longer screws" and others have sets with "6 T5 screws".

    Thank you.
    03-01-13 03:32 PM
  2. auto208562's Avatar
    What I can remember when I took mine apart to replace the screen is that there are 4 silver screws that hold the mother board down. and 2 black ones that are towards to bottom, which hold the bottom of keyboard down. I don't recall if they were longer or shorter but I remember they were different colors.
    03-01-13 09:40 PM
  3. uglyduckly's Avatar
    Gracias, Gomez!
    03-03-13 09:34 AM

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