1. MissBell's Avatar
    This has happened twice in the space of 2 days.
    Using my Bold as usual during the day then notice that the screen is very hot and the battery has reduced more than normal. I decide to turn the device off but then cannot get it back on again unless it charging. When I do eventually get the phone on again there is no battery left at all so I let it recharge.

    Last night this happened and there were 2 bars of battery left in the phone when I turned it off at night. I expect and alarm to go off in the morning even when the phone is off but this did not happen. The battery had totally gone even though it was switched off and not in use.

    Thinking of getting a new battery

    Anyone had this happen? Any advice?
    07-10-09 03:16 AM
  2. darna's Avatar
    Happened to me once. The culprit was a bad 3rd party app, it also messed up my memory I had to wipe my phone clean and reinstall the OS.

    What are your 3rd party apps?
    07-10-09 03:27 AM
  3. darna's Avatar
    Btw, try to install the .282 OS it might help solve the problem.
    07-10-09 03:29 AM