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    I was in a few electronic stores the other day and I noticed a rather large price drop on the Blackberry Bold2/9700 ? This cannot be due to the 9650 because it apparently hasn't even had the 9700's bugs fixed. Does anyone know of a new Bold to be on it's way already ? (By new Bold I mean no touch screen, hardware keyboard, trackpad, etc.)

    BlackBerryChop36 :P
    05-24-10 09:26 AM
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    Huh? Care to clarify what you're talking abt? Devices always drop in price, even 2-3 mnths after release. Heck some carriers don't even wait a full month to drop prices. No new Bold for a while unless you of course include the 9800 which, you specifically stated you didn't think as a "Bold"
    05-24-10 09:52 AM
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    Well here where I am we have our usual price declines $10-$15, but end May I have seen Mobile outlets to large electronic stores to stores specialising in smart phones all put a $120-$150 price decrease on the Bold 9700 and Storm 9550. And I remember seeing an article somewhere about the Storm 3 being ready for release. (Posted by people who seem to know fair much about the new BlackBerry trends and the "spy-info" happening in the company.
    Reason I am asking is because I am due for an upgrade in less than a month and I don't want to change to the 9700 and feel angry at myself when a new one is on it's way. I mean Blackberry's usual trend is to update each range from Pearl to Storm ATLEAST per annum ?
    05-25-10 03:25 AM
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    No new Bold or other full-Qwerty BB with "candybar" form factor is coming within the next few months.
    I had heard Storm3 was late this year, which matches the late-year releases of its 2 predecessors.
    Depending which rumour you believe, the Bold 9800 is coming sometime between June and September.

    I can't see your location (Canada or US) on the wapforums, but here in Canada I've seen huge drops in 9700 pricing. As Bla1ze referenced, these drops were definitely within 2 months of release. My 9700 was $249 with a 3-year renewal on Telus. Within weeks it was down to $199 and Bell occasionally had weekend specials of $149 or sometimes even $99. I think Telus and Bell have $149 as their 3-year price now.

    Which bugs are you referring to in the OP?
    The "Bold" 9650, while (ridiculously) labelled as a Bold, is a Tour 9630 with a trackpad and Wifi. I still don't get the name-game on that one different topic though!

    I would say the 9700 is the best BB ever released, bar none.
    I'm eager to see the 9800 myself, but for now the 9700 reigns as the clear flagship.

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    05-25-10 06:14 AM
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    Well if BlackBerry are releasing only for it's competitors, the new Bold should theoretically be out by then shouldn't it? (Bold2 and Storm2 arrived almost at the same time) Or it should never come out due to the fact that the Bold's only main competitor is the Nokia E72 which it completly dominates. (Because it is a BlackBerry and there is no real competition)

    Sorry for no locationnn, I pretty much created an account to get 1 answer.

    Well I don't have a 9700, but my iPhone 3G-when it came out apparently had it's bugs fixed-But now Apple want to load the poor processor with multi-tasking. I am talking about bugs like along those ranges...

    I suppose I will get a 9700, thanks for all the help. BB4LIFE !!!

    PS: You don't have any news whether the 9800 will have a touch-screen interface like the Storm (The clicking and so???) or will it be all trackpad ?
    06-01-10 02:20 PM