1. devek's Avatar
    I'm running the 5.x for a few days, and for those who were thinking about moving up with the numbers, I'd say Wait!. I'll be downgrading to the new 282.

    The 5.x version has some great tools I really needed, like more options in setting profiles, smaller text size and some other features that are more cosmetic (the way I see it) than practical. The crappy AT&T ***PHONE*** service is the same, and I must say that the 3G never impressed me with its performance, even though the screen shows 3G 90% of the time (I'm in Tucson Arizona). Battery life is the same and memory leak is still an issue.

    The 5.x OS fails to recognize some applications which I consider core, like the Calendar (which decided to wipe mine), the Contacts now show up in two lines which makes looking for one's cell phone a scroll of two screens instead of two lines on the main screen.
    After installing the OS all my licenses were gone and I had to enter all my numbers again (application licenses).

    I like the Network option the 282 provides, and I hope that blessing it by AT&T will worth the trouble.
    06-22-09 02:49 AM
  2. tpony's Avatar
    Mine keeps rebooting at random intervals. It like the first OS did when I first bought it. Forgot to mention that I'm running 5.0.100
    06-22-09 03:09 AM
  3. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    06-22-09 03:11 AM