1. Nick_Monger's Avatar
    Just ordered my BB Bold on Vodafone DE. Will be here in 2 days! The vodafone.de website doesnt show it as available but if you call 1212 you can get one!
    09-03-08 04:54 AM
  2. Steph2's Avatar
    MANY THANKS for posting this!

    After reading your post, I immediately called the hotline 1212.

    The employee made an offer which I couldn't refuse. He gave me a discount of 80 euros, so that I paid 99,50 EUR instead of 179,50 EUR!!! (price for 2-yr contract) Best deal I ever made with mobile devices!

    Hopefully, DHL hurries a bit.
    09-03-08 08:54 AM
  3. Nick_Monger's Avatar
    good to hear..mine was also 99 euros. BARGAIN!

    Will be waiting for the doorbell tomorrow morning!!

    its just like christmas eve!
    09-03-08 10:03 AM