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    Hi I'm new, was wondering if you guys could tell me what it's like to use the Bold as a music player before i buy one. I'll get a 16gb micro SD with it. Could post your general impressions of using it as a music player? I'd really appreciate it.

    More specifically ...the main things I'm concerned about are:
    1) the accessibility of "skip track" which i want to use a lot with shuffle ... it is easy to access? Can you map one of the side buttons to it? Do you have to unlock the keypad before you can skip a track?
    2) the headphone jack being on the side ... is it uncomfortable in your pants, even with an L shaped headphone jack?

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    I use my bold as a music player all the time.. The speaker is loud, loud enough for when theres 5-10 people talking around a table outside you can still hear the music.
    Never tried mapping the convenience keys to it, because pressing and holding the volume keys skip tracks (up for next, back for previous).
    You don't have to unlock your keypad to do it either.
    I use the headset it came with and its not uncomfortable for me, I wear dickies alot though (deep, loose pockets), jeans are a pain to get into and switch tracks however.

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