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    I got this Bold around 3 weeks ago and ever since I've been having a few problems.

    Biggest and worst problem is that whenever I have my BB charging it completely loses reception and goes to SOS. No idea why. No matter where im at. I've tried a million different chargers including a car charger. Grr this sucks.

    Phone is freezing like no other! Im doing battery pulls literally 3 or 4 times a day. I have like 3 apps downloaded and a ton of free memory. Im constantly deleting texts/bbms to free up memory. Still it freezes like no other.

    Dropped calls left and right. Today I had around 10 dropped calls.

    Funny thing is this phone is a replacement for my D2G which also had endless problems. I'm afraid to call vz again and them think im trying to hussle them for whatever reason. VZ service is kick *** but im just having terrible luck with these phones.
    08-19-11 03:40 AM
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    I don't know about the other dropped call issues but I can tell you what happened to me on the charging issue. I had the same charging issue on 2 replacements os 5 and os 6. This happened when I had low signal around two bars or less. I finally read posts and googled until I found that using usb helps. I also found that an env 3 charger works. Don't know why just works. I hope that helps if not send it back.

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    08-20-11 12:18 PM
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    OP, read thru this thread

    08-22-11 08:30 AM
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    Idk but my bold seems to have more bars when ever I'm connected to wifi

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    08-22-11 06:02 PM