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    About 4 months ago I 'upgraded' my trusty 8300 to the new Bold (end of contract with AT&T, contract renewal + new phone).

    The first Bold did not work too well and icons kept disappearing (no matter how many times I resent service books etc).

    From my observations I am fed up with the following issues and wondered if anyone else was having this kind of experience with the phone.

    I have been using BB for over 3 years now and am seriously considering switching to another.

    1 The CV app (watching videos)
    I used to think it was a 3g/AT&T thing, I'd be sitting watching a video then get the 'Buffering' or 'Network Connection Error', I could just stop playback and resume and play catch up from where the streaming stopped.
    This was 'fine' but lately I get the 'Buffering message' then the keyboard locks and the phone just reboots (hard reboot). I suspect buffer under/over run now with Media player and think this is more of a RIM software issue.

    1.1 AVI or MP4?
    I read various articles that have some people listing AVI as the better format for the BOLD and others say MP4.
    If the device is the same (ie. the Bold) I don't understand how the file format could be different (where all using the same device and OS and for North America the same carrier). For me AVI jutters and breaks up, MP4 is smooth and I have no problems.
    Why is this?

    2 Boot times
    Curve took ages (I dont remember my 8800 taking this long) to boot - the Bold - what the **** is it doing ?

    3 Java Exceptions on restart/startup
    If I do not change anything, add/remove software or do anything with the device that constitutes a change why do I get Java exceptions when I start the device up? Sometimes I have to hard reset the device 3 or 4 times to get a correct start up.

    My family think my phone issues are due to the amount of apps I have loaded on their (I do switch them all off before streaming video!).
    I have :
    Google App (Gmail, GMaps, Google Sync)
    Blackberry Store (added recently)
    Evernote (added recently)
    Yatca (added recently)
    AIM (added recently)
    Facebook (added recently)

    There's also I 1GB Memory Card, WIFI is setup (for home and Starbucks) and I use a bluetooth headset.

    Am I just overloading the device?
    06-29-09 02:16 PM
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    It does not seem to me that you are overloading the device. Have you gone through the "Maximizing my Free File Memory" routine?
    For me CV quits playing nicely if I'm moving around, just recently, like within the past week, I have had the same buffering issues as you describe but I do not have the booting issue. I re-start the video and the buffering issue usually goes away and I can watch with no problem.
    I'm gonna bet that you will get the 'techno-bberrians' telling you to upgrade your OS
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    06-29-09 02:32 PM
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    Well... an OS upgrade will ensure your Bold loads up in under 2mins

    Mine loads up 1.5 minutes at most. The issues you're having seems like a faulty OS.
    Read the other threads. You will learn more about this wonderful device - instead of faulting it, understand it....
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    06-29-09 02:38 PM
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    Hi, thanks for your reply

    I have the memory shredding on (and set to clean each time the device is holstered or idle (5 min timeout) and I keep the browser cache virtually clean/empty.

    The CV issue I have had since I had the Bold, and most times when I watch I am in the same place at home.

    I am running and had the same issue before I did the last upgrade (cant remember the version when I first got it).
    06-29-09 02:40 PM