1. shahkg's Avatar
    I live on Long Island, NY and my house is in a "weak" ATT coverage area. However, when I use my Bold I typically get 2-4 bars of 3G service, with calls always coming through and sounding great. When I use my old 8800, I get maybe 2 bars max of EDGE, and calls/data are 50/50. Recently I tried an unlocked Tour and i was getting 1-2 bars of crappy service, and wasn't able to make calls.

    Anyone else can verify this? Does the Bold have the most powerful RF signal?
    08-19-09 07:55 AM
  2. gambiting's Avatar
    There is a cnet website with all phones radiation strength listed,so as you can see,Bold is below Curve 8330 when it comes to power output:

    20 highest-radiation cell phones (United States) - CNET Reviews
    08-19-09 09:27 AM
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    cool link...thanks for this
    08-19-09 09:48 AM
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    sweet link thanks
    08-20-09 10:12 AM