1. gonzala's Avatar
    ok so after staying at my buds place I left my bold in the holster the entire night, when I got up in the morning everything seemed ok until I unlocked it and a friend of mine tried to play a video, it immediately froze on the video screen everything was frozen, so i did a battery pull and now when it tries to start up it gets the white screen with the clock on it, and when the clock goes and the rogers sign usually comes up it doesn't it just stays white, if i drop it into the holster at this point and take it out the rogers sign will be displaying but will still be frozen, any help would be greatly appreciated
    07-05-09 05:55 PM
  2. gonzala's Avatar
    I have absolutely no ideas as to what it might be
    07-05-09 06:52 PM
  3. Sopranosv's Avatar
    Right now I don’t remember how to, but there is a process that lets you wipe your BB; search around in the forums. Not sure if it would help, but tried it once when I was getting an error and didn’t go any further than the white screen. Just remember that all your data and apps will be gone.
    07-05-09 11:51 PM
  4. Teek's Avatar
    How much time are we talking? Mine takes 5-6 minutes to reboot after a pull. This is normal for alot of us.

    This thread may help you.
    07-06-09 12:06 AM
  5. honda774's Avatar
    wipe it with a program called JL Commander
    07-06-09 12:07 AM