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  1. anon(6038817)'s Avatar
    On March 28th, 2014, numerous tech news websites reported that BlackBerry would continue producing and supporting its Bold 9900 series line of smartphones.

    Whether this is a good move on the part of BlackBerry remains to be seen. But when I heard this, I was intrigued. The Bold 9900 series came to the market in August of 2011 - nearly 3 years ago!

    Despite having outdated hardware and running BB OS 7, an older mobile OS that was abandoned in favor of BB10 - a completely new OS for new devices, there obviously must still be enough of a demand for these Bold 9900 series handsets that BlackBerry feels the need to continue their production and support.

    What on earth is so good about this phone that indviduals and businesses have used it as their go-to smartphone for so long? What could possibly keep them from switching to a newer BlackBerry device, or a device of a different brand?

    In my quest for answers, I have decided to do the unthinkable: ditch my BlackBerry Z30 and use a BlackBerry Bold 9930 as my primary smartphone for 30 days.

    What better way to see what all the fuss is about than to ditch my beloved BlackBerry Z30 (the best smartphone I have ever owned) and give the Bold 9930 my time and attention for a month?

    I managed to acquire a used Bold 9930 in good condition for a fair price, thanks to the CrackBerry.com Marketplace. I then contacted Verizon and had them deactivate my Z30 and activate the 9930 in its place, as the SIM and data plan for my Z30 is NOT compatible or interchangeable with the Bold.

    And now the Bold Experiment begins!

    Here are some things I anticipate missing about my Z30:

    • The large, beautiful screen
    • App selection, including the ability to run Android apps
    • Battery life
    • Nice camera
    • Amazing external speakers
    • Hub
    • More distractions (Netflix, games, etc.)

    Here are some things I anticipate liking about my Bold 9930:

    • Physical keyboard
    • Toolbelt with buttons and trackpad
    • Touch screen interface
    • Smaller form factor
    • Full BlackBerry Bridge functionality with my BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
    • Less distractions = more productivity
    • User-replaceable battery

    I plan to blog my thoughts and observations throughout the next 30 days, so be on the look-out for more posts!

    Table of contents:

    Day 1 - Setup
    Day 2 - Getting to the Information I Want to See
    Day 3 - Connectivity
    Day 4 - Calendars
    Day 5 - Hold the Phone!
    Day 6 - Calling It Like I Hear It
    Day 7 - Week 1 Recap
    Day 8 - Apps, Part 1
    Day 10 - Where's Day 9? (Apps, Part 2)
    Day 12 - Camera
    Day 14 - Web Browser
    Day 16 - Charging Pod
    Day 18 - GPS Navigation
    Day 20 - Ups And Downs
    Day 22 - The Writing on the Wall
    Day 24 - Apps, Part 3
    Day 26 - Another Dose of Reality
    Day 28 - Odds 'n' Ends
    Day 30 - A Bold End
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    04-07-14 10:47 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    Yes I use to love my 9900 , but I can't give up my Z30. No way
    04-07-14 10:53 PM
  3. willtothewong's Avatar
    Keep us posted!

    Posted via CB10
    04-07-14 10:54 PM
  4. The Big Picture's Avatar

    Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3
    04-07-14 11:15 PM
  5. SmellWhole's Avatar
    Every day I derive intense pleasure from using my Bold 9650.
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    04-07-14 11:28 PM
  6. donnation's Avatar
    What "fuss" do you think there is over the 9900/9930? There isn't one. People aren't rushing out to buy legacy devices.
    04-07-14 11:46 PM
  7. The Big Picture's Avatar
    What "fuss" do you think there is over the 9900/9930? There isn't one. People aren't rushing out to buy legacy devices.
    Over 2 million legacy phones we sold last quarter. Sure it isnt much but its something

    Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3
    04-07-14 11:51 PM
  8. donnation's Avatar
    Over 2 million legacy phones we sold last quarter. Sure it isnt much but its something

    Q10SQN100-3/, Z30, Z10, iP5, SGS3
    Because they and their data plans are cheap. No other reason.
    04-07-14 11:53 PM
  9. Solar 77's Avatar
    Will watch out for this. I have a feeling Mr. Chen will too. Haha

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    04-08-14 12:04 AM
  10. Johberry's Avatar
    I applaud you, OP! I still love my 9900 and go back and forth on whether I should go back to it entirely or not. The trackpad and toolbelt are features I really miss. I still am dumbfounded why it was left out of the Q10 design. Subscribed to the thread.

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    04-08-14 12:19 AM
  11. flyingsolid's Avatar
    I find that the Messages of BBOS works out just the same as the Hub, if not better. I am currently between my 9650 and Q10. Keep us apprised of the progress.
    04-08-14 12:35 AM
  12. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    04-08-14 12:45 AM
  13. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    [WARN]I've cleaned up some of the off topic and personal jabs that have been thrown around in a few posts. Let's keep things on the topic of Newfangled's experiment.[/WARN]
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    04-08-14 12:53 AM
  14. AthenaSmith's Avatar
    I see a troll.

    Great idea for an experiment, OP! I was a Bold 9900 user for 3 years, and I would have continued using it to this day if some of the keys hadn't started conking out (from overuse, haha).

    My 9900 is the phone I love the most, out of all the phones I've had. I'm even thinking of buying another 9900 from the coming new production run to use as my work phone.

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    04-08-14 01:37 AM
  15. will308's Avatar
    Yes I use to love my 9900 , but I can't give up my Z30. No way
    I have to say .. I loved my 9900 as well felt solid in your hand
    04-08-14 02:29 AM
  16. Bonnie Bonzai's Avatar
    Interesting to see how the browser will compare after being used to BB10. Looking forward to this
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    04-08-14 02:41 AM
  17. Dunmanway Emar's Avatar
    I don't think you'll find using the 9930 too much of a hardship. Many of us have flitted between using their Bold and their BB10 (in my case a Z10) as we recognise the qualities of both. For me the Bold 9900 is a design classic and is a delight to use regardless of any advantages that the Z10 offers.
    My prediction is that at the end of your month's trial you'll find you can't give either one up and you'll buy another SIM card and starting using both phones permanently
    04-08-14 02:42 AM
  18. Amy wineBerry's Avatar
    This definitely sounds interesting, OP. I tried to use a 9900 for one day after five months with my Q10. Goodness, the browser killed the experience for me lol. I say I'd give it a try again some other times, but you know how that goes. Have fun, OP!

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    04-08-14 03:03 AM
  19. Q10Bold's Avatar
    Have fun OP
    Like the Bold 9900 very much.
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    04-08-14 03:13 AM
  20. Coffee Shampoo's Avatar
    You'll for sure miss the battery on your Z30. The Bold is amazing but too bad that its flaws destroy the good things it has.

    I for one, prefer my Q10 by far, it has a better keyboard (larger), a wider selection of apps, a better browser, a bigger screen, better cameras, the hub. This is just so much better and I don't require a silly BIS plan to have it working properly!

    What I miss from my legacy devices is the theme they have, the ease to manipulate the theme, its Twitter app, and I feel that notifications for social networking arrived at a faster pace there than on my Q10.

    Star Wars fan? Come join us C00121E8E
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    04-08-14 03:20 AM
  21. southlander's Avatar
    Think I'll try and build a PC with OS2/Warp on it just to see how that feels...NOT! What a massive waste of 30 days. Do what you like, it's your time. As for me, I'll keep moving forward.

    Posted using my Peerless BlackBerry Z30
    Ah OS2 Warp. At one point I thought IBM had a chance with that. Lol.

    04-08-14 04:06 AM
  22. amjass12's Avatar
    Never thought I'd see app selection as something you'd miss from a blackberry. But then you are switching to an older blackberry

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    04-08-14 04:08 AM
  23. anon(5061193)'s Avatar
    I tried this a week or so ago. I lasted about 2 days. The Z30 and the Q10 are just better phone. It was nostalgic to have it in my hands for a few minutes but it just isn't as good in any way. If you like physical keyboard the Q10 beats it and comparing it to the z30 is apples and oranges......

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    04-08-14 05:32 AM
  24. EauRouge's Avatar
    Im looking forward to reading your blog posts!
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    04-08-14 07:45 AM
  25. BBUniq01's Avatar
    Subscribed. I loved my Bold 9900 too.

    Loving my Zed 10!!
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    04-08-14 08:12 AM
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