1. cambriabiz's Avatar

    I recently bought a Droid and my wiofe has a BB Bold. We used to both have BB's and communicate with BB Messenger.

    Is ther an APP that will alow us to communictae from the Droid to the BB like BB Messenger?

    04-29-13 06:56 PM
  2. a.crews's Avatar
    There are many cross platform messaging applications that are available..one of the more popular applications would probably be Whatsapp
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    04-29-13 08:35 PM
  3. SteveBB10's Avatar
    Try getting her a BlackBerry if that doesn't work try WhatsApp it's only 99 cents a year and not as good as BBM. But it's still decent.

    Sent via my Z10 support your local paramedics run with scissors.
    04-30-13 09:40 AM

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