1. burntorange817's Avatar
    so i turned my bold on early this morning and i noticed that the date was set as the 23rd. I thought it was no big deal, and changed it back to the 22nd. then when i would get emails, facebook notifications, or SMS's it would show the icon, but no message would show up. this happened quite alot so i got frusturated, thought about what to do and decided i would change the date back to the 23rd to see what it would do. voila..i started getting all my notifications and emails and such again. any idea on how to fix this problem? I dont like having my phone only work on "tomorrows" date....thanks
    07-22-09 06:17 PM
  2. david9962000's Avatar
    Make sure your time zone is set and time source is set to network.
    07-22-09 06:36 PM