1. hexador's Avatar
    I walked into a best buy and they only had 2 of them I got one and some lady came 10 minutes later and got the second one I had to purchase it for 649, but when I got home I called Customer service, and told them that I signed a new 3 year contract and want it for the price of 399. This lady was a huge ***** and wouldnt even let me talk and said she cant do it i bitched back, I said let me talk to your supervisor and shes like he will just say the same thing. I was on hold for 5 minutes, and this guy was super nice, hooked me up and gave me the credit back, and, no activation fee, 3 month textcall, some new cheaper and better plan and the 6gb for 30 dollars. But yea that was my story and best buys in the city still have them.
    08-22-08 05:56 PM
  2. Fabmaclover's Avatar
    congrats for your bold

    i was very supprised that bestbuy and futur shop are selling the bold , i seriously dont get the market approch from rogers.. seriously poeple will get crasy to get a bold and no adds regarding the device have been made , only online via their site and the kind of website like this one. rogers completly missed the launch of the bb bold!!!

    anyway, i got mine too, that s all matter
    08-22-08 08:19 PM