1. kmcraft612's Avatar
    Device: Bold 9930

    User accessing .pdf files from links in email states that sometimes an audio file is attempted to be opened. On-site technician verified, and stated that the problem is intermittent (sometimes the .pdf would open, and sometimes it would attempt to open an audio file). I tried replacing the device with a new one, and the problem recurred. I have few other details, and the problem is difficult to troubleshoot because the links require an account that I do not have to be opened successfully. I don't have access to the user's device other than via third-party (on-site techician). Any ideas?
    06-27-13 07:47 AM
  2. middbrew's Avatar
    There has been issues with with opening some PDF files using to native software. There are a few third party apps the do a much better job at opening them.
    06-30-13 09:56 AM

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