1. jerry12's Avatar
    My 6 day old Bold lost all signal in my house tonight and until then it was holding 3 bars. I couldn't call out or receive calls it would ring if some one called but when i answered it was breaking up so bad i couldn't understand what they were saying. text and email was still working both ways. I called CS and they said no tower trouble had been reported in my area. I am new to Verizon as of 8/17/11 when i got my Bold 9930. I did a battery pull and that seam to help some it is holding from two to three bars of signal now. If any one has any ideas i would like to hear them.
    08-23-11 01:10 AM
  2. mhw100's Avatar
    Completely anecdotal but I had a similar issue with my 9700. Once I had to reinstall the OS and that fixed it and another time it seemed to fix itself within a few hours...this after being told there was no "tower" problems. I think in this case there must have been something wrong with the network.
    08-23-11 01:17 AM