1. robc1984's Avatar
    I'm hoping someone has some kind of idea on what could be happening.

    Long time Bold user, great for my business needs, messaging and phone and reliability. My carrier is Verizon.

    The past week in the mornings, the phone constantly crashes but seems to work fine in the evenings. I press on the email or other functions and nothing happens. Then the phone works fine again in the afternoon or evening.
    Also doesn't back up on the PC. Last backup was months ago.
    I'm installing updated software on another PC, I'm afraid to wipe out and install new.

    Seems like there might be some kind of software update going on.

    Any ideas on what to do?
    01-01-17 01:40 PM
  2. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Ya mean there's something Happening???? Where???

    You want ideas! I've got loads of ideas! Most of 'em just don't work!
    But first, Can you be more specific as to what time in the morning this issue happens (please specify EST, Pacific?)

    OK! This is serious stuff here.
    After a time the OS can start to break down. Maybe a file from an app . But, it sounds like something has corrupted the system.
    Install a fresh copy of the OS. It'll run like a new device again.

    Something else to consider.. Have you dropped it lately?
    Or... Sounds like your device is sensitive to light. Could be a sensor! Wrap it in something so it thinks it's night (in the morning) See if it behaves!!

    Hey! It could have been worse. Someone could have come along and convinced you they actually Knew what was happening.
    (Don't worry. Been here for years and no one has asked me to leave yet! )
    01-01-17 03:09 PM
  3. anon(9721108)'s Avatar
    Just curious, how often do you do a Memory Clean? How often do you clear out the History in the browser? Search History also?.

    How often do you clear the Event LOG, by going to your home screen and holding the ALT key and then pressing LGLG and then clearing the entire LOG.

    Just a few things can make a difference, IF this is the cause of your issue.

    Some people say that they do not reboot for a couple or few days and this can really start to deplete the device memory and start to make it jam up. If you have multiple batteries like myself then I just swap them and the reboot from this takes care of any jamming issues. I can't remember the last time I had a jam....

    -sent from a beautiful Bold 9900
    01-01-17 07:09 PM
  4. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Good call, Ralph!
    I consider my Passport a computer
    and treat it like one ( Yes! of course i talk to my computers, don't you?)
    I reboot my mobile device everyday and of course whenever I update, upgrade download or just feel like it. Just like your home computer many programs (apps) require a reboot to complete the instalation

    01-02-17 03:33 AM
  5. anon(9721108)'s Avatar
    Yes! of course i talk to my computers, don't you?]
    Of course and I presume I am not the only one to give a little smooch once in a while when no one is looking, right?

    Whew I'm sure glad this is a private message and not a public post where everyone would be able to see how much I love my 9900

    -sent from a beautiful Bold 9900
    anon(3732391) likes this.
    01-02-17 05:55 PM
  6. anon(3732391)'s Avatar
    Whoever told you this was private..... lied!!

    Yes! Seriously!!

    01-02-17 09:05 PM

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