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    hi everyone
    i am thinking on getting a Bold 9930 and taking it with me to Korea (9900 from T-Mobile costs too much). I know that the 9930 will work with 3G in Korea as i have confirmed reports from 9630 and 9650 users.

    Just one question

    SK does allow tethering and since this is a CDMA phone that happens to sport a SIM not from VZW/Sprint but a local SIM and a local number with BIS and all would I be able to tether?

    Here stateside I tried to tether a 9630 with a T-Mobile SIM on EDGE. However, DM warns me of "excessive" data charges and won't allow tethering. Will I get the same result with a 9930?

    If i can't tether then I can't get the 9930. The 9900 from t-Mobile costs way too much and SK Telecom's will cost too much as well.
    09-21-11 02:45 AM
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    I asked this question before. Why pay for 9900 and when you can get a 9930 for so cheap and yet work the same as 9900??

    So someone in another forum explained it to me and I will try to sumarize it.

    1. The 9930 is tested primarily on a CDMA network so GSM testing is limited. When using on a GSM network, it should work but you might see more problems such as random reboot.

    2. Certain applications developed primarily for your country may not work for 9930 because the developers develop it for 9900 and not 9930 and thus it MIGHT not show up on Appworld.

    3. Battery usage on GSM might be worst then CDMA network, again back to number 1 since its not optimized for GSM

    - Charles
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    09-21-11 03:35 AM
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    Thanks for your reply. Just as a reminder besides GSM, the 9900 and 9930 also have 3G band 1 (used in most of the world). If I can get the 9930 to tether under GSM/HSDPA (not under Sprint/VZW) then I'll get it. Otherwise I'll be stuck with my 9780 for longer until price comes down.
    09-21-11 01:07 PM