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    Hey guys, straight to the point.

    Okay so here's what happened, I got a prompt on my Bold saying that I should update my phone to the latest software which I'm guessing was 7.1. It then asked me to make sure the battery was being charged so I charged it and went on with the update. It told me that I would have been unable to use my phone for around 2 hours and blah blah. So I left my phone to charge and let the update continue, I glanced over and it remained on 12% for a very long time. After about an hour or so I went back to see the phone and it was off. I tried to turn it on and I got a white screen with the hourglass spinning. It would then turn off again. I tried to turn it on again and the red LED light came on for a few seconds before turning off again. I tried the battery pull and the charging the phone to the wall socket, then putting the charger in but nothing worked.
    Is there anything else I missed out on doing because I really don't want to reboot my phone.

    I have read many threads before posting trust me, and have found out the ways of rebooting a nuked phone etc. But I'm not absolutely sure if my phone needs rebooting. The reason why I'm so hesitant to reboot it is because I don't want to lose my BBM contacts as I believe I backed them up to the device although I'm not too sure (I may have backed them up to my memory card but I don't want to risk it) and I'm aware that rebooting deletes all data.

    Has anyone had this similar problem with their Bold 9900 too and have a resolve for this?

    I would really appreciate it if someone would help me get to the bottom of this, thank you so much for reading.
    07-01-12 07:36 PM
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    Kiddo, you might as well pull the battery. It's cycled off at least once already anyway.

    First tip - don't do an OTA upgrade unless absolutely necessary. Most will go fine, but when they don't......

    Install BB Protect, so no matter what, you always have something to fall back on, anywhere.

    You'll probably end up having to follow the nuked guide:


    Good luck. Above all, remain calm.
    07-01-12 09:07 PM
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    the same thing has happened to mine, it's stuck on 9% and i've pulled the battery twice. I really don't want to have to lose everything on my phone, does anyone know anything??!
    11-24-12 05:54 PM
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    Never do ota upgrades. Things can go really wrong, it's faster and more reliable to either use desktop manager or apploader. Sometimes ota updates can take hours.
    11-24-12 07:05 PM
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    Ive never had issues with OTA updates. But back to the thread, youre gonna have to go with the directions to restore a nuked phone. Youre bbm contacts should have saved on the sd card already.
    11-24-12 07:55 PM
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    your right ^^^ i had this problem 2 days ago wasnt happy because i thought my blackberry was gone for good but hey presto i solved it i needed to wipe the os off the phone and do a fresh clean os and everything went fine do not trust ota updates the wreck your phone :/ so yeah do what BigBadWulf said
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    11-25-12 08:04 AM
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    thats the same problem i have
    05-31-13 10:44 AM
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    yh but how do you do that when your phone doesnt even turn on
    05-31-13 10:47 AM
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    05-31-13 11:03 AM
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    05-31-13 11:23 AM
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    You can't charge and update your phone at the sametime. You had to fully charge the phone, before doing a update.

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    06-02-13 06:03 AM