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    I have a blackberry z10. Got a sim card adapter so I could still use my 9900 on days when I'm going to be writing lots of emails on my phone

    The bold won't recognize my new sim. It says insert sim card as though I have nothing in there. I'm sure the sim is seated correctly in the adapter. Both my z10 and bold are Rogers and locked

    What am I missing here? I thought it's supposed to be simple to switch

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    08-21-13 11:35 PM
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    The pins aren't damaged either. Well if no one knows, I will try go into the Rogers store tomorrow and see if they have any suggestions

    I wonder if Rogers just prevents you from doing this for some reason? From what I've heard lots of people do

    The first time I booted the bold with the sim adapter in it prompted me for my BlackBerry id password so I thought it was working

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    08-22-13 12:54 AM
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    Make sure it is inserted correctly. Had mine reversed when using the adapter in my 9800.
    08-22-13 02:18 AM
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    I was using a new sim card that allows for mobile payments

    It basically was a sim card compatibility problem so I switched to a different sim since I never need mobile payments anyway

    Still don't know how to make my bbm account switch. I can't get it to work on the bold, the account just stays with the z10

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    08-22-13 03:29 PM
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    Kind of a long post about bbos compared to bb10 that I just had to get off my chest

    now that i got this working again, i just have to say that the bold 9900 seems like a glorified pager compared to the z10 which is like a computer that can also make calls. There are a few apps i really like on bbos which i don't have in bb10. full-featured shortcutme and scalar numeric come to mind, but bb10 already has an overall wider selection of apps, and the prices seem to be a lot better. bb10 apps are competitive and growing. But I'll keep using the bold for a week or so because I miss the features and options of bbos - like delete on mailbox vs handheld options, speed dial, the convenience key, wifi calling, and of course the physical keyboard and trackpad. I won't miss the lack of multitasking on bbos. It is annoying to see downloads stack up in a queue when in bb10 you download and install everything in parallel, and it doesn't want you to restart the device after each new app installation. Switching between apps efficiently on the z10 is way easier. Things like bbm video calling, and time shift camera are nice but - don't find myself using them very often. I actually liked the bold's camera and found it adequate unlike a lot of people. I like the trackpad on the bold and I hope they add a virtual trackpad to bb10 in keeping with blackberry tradition. Now that I've gotten used to the touchscreen text selection I don't really find myself missing the trackpad for that, but for being able to easily click on small fields in the browser.

    having now compared bb7.1 and bb10.1 side by side I think bb10 is a far better experience due to the snappiness , the speed of the os compared to any other, the multitasking, and a better app selection compared to bbos. There are exciting things happening with bb10 apps, some really awesome and unique things have been released like gadgetbox, ARkick augmented reality, and ORBIT weather. bbos apps seem overpriced and boring. It seems like the bb10 apps are more competitive and the app selection is really growing.

    If i could do it again though i'd definitely wait for the q10 or q5 instead of buying a z10 due to the better hardware (radio supports LTE max / advanced, wifi chip will support miracast), and the keyboard. The z10 really has the best touchscreen keyboard out there and despite the extra screen space you get from a touchscreen, I really miss a physical keyboard and how much easier it is to type long messages.

    I think anyone who spends a bit of time using bb10 and exploring the apps will never look back at bbos.

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    08-23-13 02:15 AM

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