1. Andy Watkins's Avatar
    HI folks,

    Ive had a problem with my 9900. Ever since having the phone Ive been getting a jvm error. But have always been able to reset it using desktop software.
    This time however the phone doesnt reset just a blank screen with the led flashing occasionally. I have tried resetting the phone using Desktop software and also using apploader, but as soon as it gets too reconnecting to JVM i keep getting message, unable to connect to device

    Ive seen lots of the same kind of problem on crackberry but havent found a solution. Hopefully i have missed something and one of you mega geniuses can show me the way
    05-19-13 01:11 PM
  2. BullGuard8's Avatar
    can you try wiping it with BBSAK first?

    I had that issue and what I did, wipe with BBSAK, but the wipe wouldn't complete... then I restarted my PC and pulled the battery out for 30 secs then reinserted it...

    when the PC booted up, I launched loader.exe , it couldn't find a device at first but after a min or so of the device trying to boot, I clicked on refresh and loader.exe was able to detect the device and install my OS (I use BTW)
    05-20-13 05:59 AM
  3. John Rivas's Avatar
    Unfortunately that's as far as that phone will go. There is no real solution for this. Some people have gotten lucky reinstalling the OS but most of the time, the phone is officially dead.
    05-22-13 02:12 AM

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