1. Tracey Kealey's Avatar
    Hi there,

    My Blackberry Bold 9900 is 5 weeks old. All was working fine until one day the phone turned while i was using the internet. The phone would reboot instantly. I noticed the next day that the phone would shut down whenever I even entered an app which used a lot of memory, even when the battery was completly full. I began keeping the phone charged for most of the day. One day it turned off as soon as I went into the Camera. Now if the phone is not charging it pretty much turns off if I use it at all, it will usually try to reboot, but the battery will completely die then in the middle of that. Im pretty much just keeping it charged 85% of the day and hoping I dont recieve calls during the time the phone is not charging as i know this will cause instant battery death.
    The software on the phone is 7.1 bundle 2807. I have tried pulling the battery out while charging, and no joy.
    Any other suggestions on how to fix this, or what might be causing the problem?
    11-04-13 04:43 PM
  2. David Murray1's Avatar
    That's (pretty much) the newest version of 7.1 so the next thing to try is a replacement battery, these can be had for like $10 or less (for an official replacement battery for 9900)
    11-04-13 04:50 PM

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