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    Hello everyone!

    I recently purchased a used 9900 off Kijiji, and was saddened to find the loud speaker (on the bottom for; ringers, media playback) didn't work. If I pressed the phone down on the bottom, it would make sound! If I let go, the sound would disappear. A phone is almost useless if you can't hear it ring.

    I searched this forum along with several other online sources and didn't find any real answers to my problem. Aside from the obvious "battery pull" solution, and the removal of some flashlight apps. While some people have had issues with software...I had no apps at all on this phone, so I figured hardware would actually be my problem.

    I was going to replace the keyboard anyways, since it was old and scratched and when I took the unit apart is when I realized what the REAL issue was!

    When you take apart the unit, you'll find there are three little metal contact points that connect the speaker to the circuitry. One of the metal contacts was not touching the speaker's contact point. I bend them all down a little, and verified that they were contacting their respective metal points on the actual speaker and put the phone back together.

    VOILA! There is sound, and it doesn't fail anymore! I don't know if it is a defect from the manufacturer that the little contact points aren't bent quite enough to maintain contact throughout the life of the phone, but now my problem is solved.

    I have attached a picture of the contacts. It is pretty blurry (sorry about that) but you can clearly see the contacts that I'm talking about. There is also one smaller one up and to the right (from the picture's perspective). In total there are 3 contact points that have to be touching.

    This issue drove me MAD, and I hope that this fix can be of use to someone who is going through this like I was.

    This is a link to a video that will teach you to get to the point where you can reach the contacts. In order to have the space to actually angle them better, you should actually take the phone apart so that the backing is off the phone. This will involve you following the steps in the video up until 3:25 in the video.

    Take Care!
    Attached Thumbnails BOLD 9900 Loudspeaker problem FIXED FOR FREE!!!!-img-20121121-00112.jpg  
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    11-21-12 02:44 PM
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    sweet.. glad u found a fix.. and i know it'll help someone ; >
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    11-21-12 02:59 PM
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    Thank you for the information. It might help me the future, too!
    11-29-12 08:26 AM
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    I was looking for this since weeks. Still it was not easy to get the T5 screwdriver, but at the end I fixed the loudspeaker problem with your help!
    07-23-13 01:35 PM

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