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    Hello everyone!

    My first post here, although have been snooping around for a while without signing up. As soon as I got my blackberry, thought i'd sign up!

    So, I got the Blackberry Bold 9900 here in Dubai.

    Warning, this might be long

    beautiful looking phone, had an iPhone 4 earlier and here is why I decided to shift:

    1) I have been surrounded by iPhones since the first model, and never owned any but the iPhone 4, and after about 9 months of use, it started to get boring. I do not use any of the games or applications anymore, much like the iPod touch I used to call a toy

    2) It does get annoying with the limited iTunes connection, no bluetooth (By no bluetooth I mean you cant send and receive files from any device), quite a limited phone, which wasnt that bad but still annoying

    3) I had always, before the iPhon4, been a DIE-HARD Nokia communicator fan. I have had every single one since the Nokia 9000 till the E90, and the main and best feature was always the keyboard, something I missed on the iPhone, and I disliked the keyboards of all Blackberries because they were really small to me, the 9900 made good sense, typing on it was very good!

    4) I missed having little bugs and things to fix and correct on the phone, while being capable of customization. Something missing from the iPhone 4, its perfect in the sense, EXTREMELY rare does anything go wrong, you have a VERY limited amount of settings. I think the whole phone has settings that may barely cover the LED settings of the 9900.

    5) I liked the shape of the 9900, and was very similar in thickness as the iPhone 4, so basically it didnt feel like I was compromising much in shape, size, feel for a device with a keyboard as well

    6) Now I am not really into peer pressure, all friends had blackberry for years now and I was the only one with an iPhone and it never mattered, but it feels nice to be a part of them as well.

    So, Impressions:

    Sweet looking device! Looks elegant and professional. The system is fast, smooth, not much mistakes could be done when tapping, the OS is fully touch capable which is good and I like the fact u can totally NOT use touch if you want (something sweet indeed if you are moving or something), the system doesnt look much different than the older 6, so it has a familiar look to it as well.

    overall, very good device, everything works well, everything does what its supposed to do in terms of connectivity and being up to date and all.

    I really like the keyboard, sure, it isnt my favorite keyboard as communicators had bigger sizes, but certainly the best blackberry keyboard i have ever used, and i can use on a normal day to day basis.

    The camera is not as good as the iPhone 4, and thats a bummer, I have had some unbelievable pictures from the iPhone and I am sure that the Blackberry isnt able to compete.

    But, still really love the phone!

    Now, I have had a few issues that I have been searching around for, but cant find a solution to, so I thought maybe I could add them here, so maybe some of you can assist/suggest something about these issues:

    1) Yesterday, the LED was on while I had no notifications. I checked every single application for updates, none had anything, went through all open applications, sent test messages and IMs, checked every single thing, tried to enable and disable signal LED, did the lot, still was on. Did a restart and it stopped flashing. Now, is this going to be something that happens often?

    2) I know the photolibrary is useless as it just combines every single damn image folder into one, and I know there is no solution for that (as far as my knowledge goes ofcourse), but today I noticed, I had TWO identical photo library folders! Was bored and thought i'd reset the OS (to sort out issue 3 as well) and the duplicate folder went away... but again, cant help but ask, what happened? why? and would it occur again?

    3) When I got the phone, I added two BBM contacts, Saw their avatars and they saw mine. Next day, I added 6 people, I saw no avatars and they didnt see mine. restart, reset, everything and no solution. I reinstalled the OS to sort this and the above issue out, and I now see all avatars, BUT based on my research, this is an issue that persists, atleast with the current os and if I add someone new they wont be able to see my avatar nor would i be able to see theirs... I am currently running on .296

    4) Blackberry group pictures... I have two groups. One of them when I view their pictures would be saved in the blackberry messenger folder in pictures (which is the normal functionality right?) and the other group pictures never get saved, even if I save them, it never gets saved anywhere.

    5) Wifi! Okay, I do not fully understand what is happening here... I have a 3G data connection, and I say connect to my home Wifi. When I surf the web, its not fast, so I am guessing it is trying to surf using the 3G, fine. Why does it not prefer wifi over 3g when wifi is available? Secondly, i disabled my radio. So I am currently only on wifi lets say. I open the web browser, type in a link, brilliant lightning fast.. type something in the address bar and click search, and I get an error saying the radio is turned off... You are connected to wifi! why does the search HAVE to be on a mobile internet connection? This is certainly the BIGGEST issue I am having currently. I haven't done much research to be honest but hoping someone knows whats happening here...

    I think that's about all the bugs that I have been through so far... Not so bad but they are annoying as well.

    Overall again, the phone is beautiful and it is lovely. I feel its much more professional than the iPhone 4, and that the iPhone 4 is alot of fun but only if you are going to use all those games and applications, and once I stopped, the phone was just normal. Only thing I miss is the camera really..

    P.S. if anyone has any solution/suggestion for the issues, It would be greatly appreciated!

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