1. Dave England's Avatar
    Hi everyone, i'm new on forum and i wish u will help me with my 1st problem.

    Carrier: Three UK
    Model info and version: 9900, 7.1 bundle 2061 v7.1.0.714, Platform
    Battery pull didnt fix a problem (nothin did by the way).

    I will try to explain whats really happend to my phone. I own it for about 5 months and its never happend before untill last week. I was drivin in my friend car and just noticed BB car charger plugged in, soo i said to myself: lets do it, lets charge my BB for a bit. And thats what I obviously did. After about half an hour we went from the car soo I just unplugged the phone and everythink seems to be allrite. I did put a phone into my pocket as normal and just carry on workin. After a while i did wont to make a phone call and so I noticed phone is OFF. Battery gone? Nope i checked it, it was full. Soo after i restarted a phone i just make a phone call and i did the same think again: put it in to my pocket. After another while i just want to check what time it is. And then i realise the phone is off again. Well, i just restarded again and is gone straight off.

    I been lookin on other websites for any solution of my problem. Somebody said on one, to keep my bluetooth on and thats gonna keep my phone alive soo i did. And is really workin! Thats strange enough

    But after a few days i realise bluetooth drainin my battery source soo quick i cant afford and keep it on all the time.
    Soo i started lookin for another solutions. I did try to change my battery, change simcard, i downgrade my software and upgrade it again to newest version. Nothin helps really. I did try to use weird lookin program: BBSAK. Thats what someone said to me to try. I wipe out the device completly soo it shows me Error 507 (no software in). I did install a brand new software from BBerry website. After a phone been restarted i was soo happy i can use my BB again without bluetooth soo i turn it off. It last for about 20 sec and PUF phone gone.

    Soo basicly i dont even know where to lookin for any more help coz i did try everythink i can. I believe soo somebody here may know the solution for this. Im really lookin forward for u people.

    Thanks a lot if u can.

    ps. i hope my english is good enough and u can understand me

    04-17-13 01:09 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Sounds like something is wrong with your bluetooth radio. Might be time to call your carrier and talk about getting the device repaired or replaced.
    04-21-13 09:49 PM

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