1. anon(231010)'s Avatar
    Ok, so I have had a Storm 9530 and a Torch 9800, and for each of them, I have gotten custom battery door covers from Coveroo.com. I had originally planned to get one for the Bold 9900 I am going to purchase as soon as they go on sale but after reading Kevin's article on NFC in the 9900 where he talks about the NFC chip being built into the battery cover.

    Now here's the dilemma if you haven't figured it out already...If I get a coveroo for the 9900, that will mean I lose NFC capabilities. What should I do? I mean, realistically, I don't there there will be THAT many things that will make use of the NFC chip from the get-go, but at the same time, I'd hate to make one of the features of the phone unavailable.

    What do you think? any suggestions? Thanks for your input!

    08-04-11 09:43 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Name me one thing that if you had a Bold 9900 right now, you could do with NFC. I've had NFC on my Nexus S since it released, still no use for it. Also, at this point -- there is nothing to say RIM won't offer a different battery cover with NFC loaded into it.. all Coveroo is doing is buying bulk battery doors and customizing them. If RIM was to offer a generic battery door, Coveroo could make use of them.

    At this point, NFC is gimmick. Couldn't care if it was there or not.
    08-04-11 10:09 PM
  3. anon(231010)'s Avatar
    good point Bla1ze. I can always pop it back on when any good NFC stuff comes around right? Hopefully it's sooner rather than later though.
    08-04-11 10:25 PM
  4. Cheetablaze's Avatar
    NFC is still in it's infancy from being popular around the world. If I can turn it off and save battery, I will do that indeed. Maybe years down the road it will pick up steam and become more popular. Would have been nice to swap NFC for a bigger camera mp size
    08-04-11 10:28 PM