1. leboreiro's Avatar
    Hi guys , i was looking for a really GOOD 3d game for my bold buy i barely found these two.

    - Need for Speed Shift

    -3D Rollercoaster Rush Jurrassic 2

    those two games has a very nice graphic experience, so im looking for another one like that . on the bbworld there is a lot of games but most of them are ****.

    why there is too many good games for android, and there is a too small amount of them for blackberry ? .
    I mean i've seen some android devices with a 800mhz processor and they run it like hell , so why there is nothing for our bolds 9900 with 1.2ghz and liquid graphics (adreno 205) i think there is no hardware restriction to it .
    04-09-13 01:08 PM
  2. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    The restriction is mostly due to the legacy BB OS, rather than the hardware. Developing for legacy OS is not as easy as some people might think, so especially the comparison with Android is a bit too simple here. The other reason might still be the rather small screen, which doesn't appeal well for more serious gamers, hence the target market might not be big enough to justify the rather high porting/developing costs.

    Last but not least Blackberries migration from OS7.x to BB10 makes it even less interesting to keep porting graphic intense games over to any legacy devices. The new BB10 plattform is much better suited in terms of software environment as well as hardware power. Your best choice, if you want a physical keyboard and better gaming options, might be to upgrade to the upcoming Q10. However it is not sure how gaming support will work out in the end for the Q10. If you are looking for just Blackberry and games, there is no way around the Z10 at the moment.
    04-09-13 03:01 PM
  3. leboreiro's Avatar
    yeah , i think it is pointless to develop new apps or games for "old" devices with bb10 out there .. i think im moving forward to the z10
    04-10-13 12:07 AM
  4. heading4tomorrow's Avatar
    OS 7.1 is still supported by a lot of developers and BBRY.
    I think there is still a chance it may get some new games.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9900 ęSlow CB AppĽ
    04-14-13 10:38 AM

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