1. mullet559's Avatar
    Ok, so I'm new here and I have a problem with my phone.
    I can put it on charge and it will charge to about 10-15% and then the black plug will come up saying that it is fully charged.
    I have got a new battery and had the same issue, I have also restored the os, same issue.
    I leave my phone to charge over night and when I wake up the phone is completely dead (it de-charges when the phone has the black plug?)
    I've heard that this is a software issue but I'm not sure.
    Any help?
    EDIT: I'm running os 6 build 2949 and I'm charging from the mains.
    I have the option to downgrade the os, should I?
    04-21-13 07:57 AM
  2. anthonemorris's Avatar
    it is advisable to change the os version so either upgrading or downgrading may help
    04-22-13 09:43 AM
  3. deercreekmichael's Avatar
    Hi I have the 9780 except I'm running 6.0 Bundle 2647 vOS I also have the 9700. I don't think this is related to the OS. Please help us troubleshoot your problem:

    1. Did the battery charging issue appear suddenly, or was it gradual over a period of weeks?

    2. Is there a way for you to put in a battery that is known to be in good working order from another 9780? If it still exhibits the same symptoms, then you can probably say that the battery isn't the problem. Otherwise, you may have 2 defective batteries.

    Let us know.
    04-22-13 10:38 AM
  4. mullet559's Avatar
    I have tried the new battery in my sisters 9780 and it worked so I think it may be the OS, I will either downgrade or upgrade
    04-22-13 04:11 PM
  5. deercreekmichael's Avatar
    Actually, if you tried your sister's battery and 'it worked', then it's probably your battery that's the problem. Put your batteries in your sister's phone and see if she has issues. Check the contacts on the 2 batteries you're having issues with. Are they bulging? Let us know.
    Last edited by deercreekmichael; 04-22-13 at 04:42 PM.
    04-22-13 04:31 PM
  6. mullet559's Avatar
    No I mean I put my battery in her phone and it worked, I will change to the OS version that you are using and I will let you know.
    04-22-13 04:35 PM
  7. Batter Pudding's Avatar
    I doubt the OS will be doing this. Otherwise other people would report the same issue.

    I am on OS .666 (2921 as you'd call it). Never had a battery issue. Still on my original battery running smooth without trouble. The important bit being I know 100% that this is a genuine RIM battery and not a dodgy knock-off. There are so many bad cheap copies out there.

    It is worth checking that your battery contacts are clean. Give em a bit of a polish. Then check the USB port for muck\dust.

    How are you charging? From a Wall Plug to the USB port? From a computer via USB? Or from a charging stand?

    Also try fully charging your battery in another Bold.
    04-24-13 01:19 PM
  8. mullet559's Avatar
    It was a mix between my old battery being charged too many times and the charging port. I got a brand new RIM genuine battery and a charging dock, it is now working perfectly.
    04-24-13 03:23 PM

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