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    Well I updated my bold to os 6 and everything was great untill I saw on tv mobile sports bet so I thought I'd give it a try I loaded the page and it told me that this service is only available to au and nz folks 'scratches head wtf, I live in aus and I am using an aus service provider which is 3 mobile I have been doing some searching on the net but can't find anything on it when I was surfing the net I googled realestate clicked the link and it came up with the ireland realestate.com and when I google things usialy the first thing that comes up us uk pages very confused can't find any settings to set your geographical location on the handset so I'm thinking the os was a uk update but i really have no idea???

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    07-01-11 01:42 AM
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    For sure it is difficult to read your email!

    The OS version has nothing to do with your problem.
    I believe you have BIS active- which means the internet traffic goes through the RIM servers located in UK, thus your location is given as UK.

    The possible solutions that are coming to my head withouth actually giving it much though:
    1) Contact the TV mobile sports service provider, tell them your problem and expect solution.
    2) use your regular data out of BIS

    #2 seems better choice for me, as BIS is not working with the high data transfer services, as streaming media, youtube etc.
    07-01-11 05:19 AM
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    Thx for the feedback will give it a shot

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    07-02-11 07:01 PM