1. Bdot604's Avatar
    this bold is my first blackberry....trying to learn how to use it....but one problem ive encountered is that there is this one sms message that has all the combined messages of different contacts within it and will not delete....its a problem becuase when i receive a a new sms it will go to that message and i will not know who sent it....if anyone knows how to fix this plz help.....
    01-17-10 01:36 AM
  2. dragonsamus's Avatar
    I'm using an 8900 with os 5.0 and when this happened to me it was because I had encryption on. Try turning off encryption.

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    01-17-10 01:47 AM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    what OS are you running??

    theres a known issue with the OS's after .405 and before .423 that have an SMS bug like this with some phones. your only fix would to be to upgrade/downgrade to a different OS or BBSAK the sms_compose cod file from a pre .405 OS into your phone.
    01-17-10 01:59 AM
  4. robarias's Avatar
    I am having the same issue here. Mine is a Bold 9700 OS .423 and to be able to send an sms to a diferent person I have to delete the one I previously have sent.
    I have encryption off, so that is not the issue:S
    Any Ideas?
    01-17-10 06:29 PM
  5. billybobjones's Avatar
    01-17-10 08:17 PM
  6. robarias's Avatar
    Excelent!!!! Worked perfectly. Thanks!!!!
    01-17-10 10:42 PM
  7. Bdot604's Avatar
    im running the latest os...5.000.423....and i tried ur sugguestion but still unsuccessful .....very very annoying bug
    01-20-10 12:35 AM
  8. billybobjones's Avatar
    two other suggestions
    1: turn off encryption under security settings and then reboot.

    - Goto options > Security options > Advanced security options > Memory cleaning.
    - Enable memory cleaning.
    - Restart your device.
    - Again, Goto options > Security options > Advanced security options > Memory cleaning.
    - Disable memory cleaning
    - Restart your device..
    as some one else said
    01-20-10 12:46 AM