1. whezzie's Avatar
    A few days ago I tried to update a Bold 9700 to OS 6 and I took the following steps. did a back up, then a security wipe followed by a bbsak wipe, downloaded a version of OS6 then installed it on my laptop. I deleted the vendor file and proceeded to to install the OS to the phone. At the part where u choose the file to install in the phone, there are no files and the loader says I don't have an OS installed for the phone .

    I tried everything until I gave up and eventually put OS 5 back on the phone.

    I've tried many things and frustrated and I just need help.

    thnx in advance.
    12-30-12 07:58 PM
  2. jpvj's Avatar

    Pls. not that newer versions of the BlackBerry Desktop Software downloads the Vendor.XML file to a second location on the C: drive (see http://forums.crackberry.com/hybrid-...emover-673344/ for further info).

    12-30-12 09:26 PM
  3. Mr.KiLLeR's Avatar
    I just updated my BB Yesterday with no problems just deleted the vendor.xml file in apploader folder in C Drive
    01-13-13 04:28 PM
  4. Boogy_Woogy's Avatar
    I am also having a similar problem. I don't know why, but I just downgraded my OS 6 to OS 5 and now I want to get back the OS 6. Trying for the past many hours but in vain. Any help would be highly appreciated. Post the steps please.
    04-08-13 07:10 AM
  5. andyhs's Avatar
    as far as i know, the problems only on vendor.xml file, try to search that file, some OS has several files installed.
    search it using windows' search feature, it's easy. just right-click on the drive letter and search those files, then delete them.
    if no files were found, make sure you have check the "search for hidden and system files" as well, it might necessary.
    if still didn't work, then uninstall the OS, remember, that it would be better to have only 1 OS installed in the computer at a time.
    04-19-13 06:14 AM
  6. darkpham's Avatar
    Make sure that u downloaded 9700's OS6 not any brand else?
    04-19-13 07:21 AM
  7. yulzary's Avatar
    i jast did upgrade to my phone and i can't write hebrew any more.
    what can i do?
    i have the desktop aneger 7 but i can't see hebrew there and i cannot Update to OS 6
    05-03-13 05:28 PM

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