1. mikes70mustang's Avatar
    Ive seen a few threads talking about this but none really hitting it head on. The tours battery life sucks. I just want to know if the Bolds battery life is any better. I miss my curves battery life. Its bs that i my battery wont last over 10ish hours of intermittent texting. I would fiddle with my 8330 for 12 hours a day sometimes and it would go for 2 days easy. I ebayed a tour b/c i couldnt handle how slow my 8330 was. I can upgrade now and I am torn between getting something like an Incredible or getting a Bold. If the bold battery sucks just like the tour then I might as well just get a Incredible with a huge screen and wayyyy better specs and features. If im going to have a phone that wont last 24 hours on a charge i might as well have a better phone.

    Thanks for any feedback/experience numbers.
    06-10-10 12:24 AM
  2. gadgetfreak2's Avatar
    My 8330 had fantastic battery life. When I switched to the Tour, my Seidio 1600 battery last two days with heavy e-mail by very little phone. At the end of a day, I would have over 50% left. I took that battery and put it in my new Bold 9650. Sadly, my battery is at 25% at the end of one day. Still much better than ANY other smartphone. At the end of the day, you need a phone that works. In my experience, BBs have better battery life than the competition. And that is why I stick with them (despite the beauty of the EVO, Incredible, etc). Of course if, like the iPhone, accessories are made that add a rubber skin with double battery life, maybe that will make these android phones more desirable to me.
    06-10-10 07:18 AM
  3. mr23's Avatar
    I purchased the Seidio 2600 battery. It works awesome. I had a palm Pre and the batt life sucked. I just did not want to chance having to keep a charger at work for the 9650.
    06-10-10 07:28 AM
  4. MattBerry08's Avatar
    Thanks Mike - I was just going to post this exact question. Same here, 8330 to 9630 and now pondering the 9650 move. Anyone whos commenting - please note wifi use too - I was hoping that the addition of wifi would ?help? or at least be neutral in terms of battery use. I'm covered by fast wifi connections at home and work, but the phone coverage (Sprint) isnt always there.

    thanks all for your comments and comparisons!
    06-10-10 07:57 AM
  5. Mystic205's Avatar
    battery comments:

    1. wifi
    no..wifi does not help... logically, having two radios working is less efficient that having one radio working so turn it off unless you want it on...

    2. poor coverage
    clearly attempted connect/reconnect/roaming cycles are the death of a battery.. if you are in poor reception area ..set to home only (since you cant force raoming), or even turn the radio off and have wifi on..

    3. apps
    your choice of apps will dramatically affect your battery.... constant polling, inelegant or silly apps that constantly use resources are all your choice.... by example..when i put beejive on my 8330 it took a whole day OFF my battery life... IM+ was far far better...

    btw.. pls explain why anyone needs a phone that can last 24hrs..... i need 16-18hrs, which the bold does just fine..
    for it to be any better than that i need it to last two work days ..essentially 40hrs (which the curve could do).
    06-10-10 08:36 AM
  6. John Yester's Avatar
    As long as I can get my BlackBerry to last from 8am-5pm it works for me. Which it does, anything else after or before that it's in a charging POD sleeping.
    06-10-10 09:18 AM
  7. brdl04's Avatar
    From my expirience with the Tour 9630 Curve 8330 and Bold 9650 now, the bold seems to have bad battery life, even compared to the tour. I dont know why, but It seemed like when I had my tour, I could have GPS, Full brightness, and it would last all day, barely, but all day. The Bold Ive had to charge before the end of the day so far..... I will keep you posted
    06-10-10 09:45 AM
  8. RedSoxFan's Avatar
    I too grabbed a Tour on ebay so I could save my NE2. Coming from the 8330, the battery life of the Tour is horrible. I have the standard Tour battery but after reading some of these posts I may go and by an extended battery. I do know that the OS builds have a lot to do with battery life and from my understanding the most recent OFFICIAL Verizon OS build for the Tour is worse now than before.

    Definitely make sure bluetooth is off as well as all other programs not in use. Other than that, buy the extended battery, watch for new OS's or buy a new phone.

    I will agree that BB"s have the best battery life.
    06-10-10 10:22 AM
  9. cpcxgsr's Avatar
    I've recently made the jump from the 8830 to the Bold 9650. And i too also noticed a huge dip in battery longevity. I did all the basics to conserve battery life (set backlight to the lowest setting, brightness to the lowest setting, turning off WiFi, and etc.)

    This maybe a silly question, but how do you the other programs are in use? Is there a way to check if there are programs that are still operating in the background?

    06-10-10 12:42 PM
  10. John Yester's Avatar
    Hold menu button. You will have basic app show up. but anything else select it and close.
    06-10-10 12:45 PM
  11. cpcxgsr's Avatar
    Thanks! I never knew about that option!
    06-10-10 12:52 PM
  12. dh321's Avatar
    How are the boot up times with the Bold compared to the Tour? I've never gotten less than a 6 minute boot up time with the Tour. Averages 7-8 minutes.
    06-10-10 12:58 PM
  13. John Yester's Avatar
    How are the boot up times with the Bold compared to the Tour? I've never gotten less than a 6 minute boot up time with the Tour. Averages 7-8 minutes.
    06-10-10 01:00 PM
  14. mikes70mustang's Avatar
    I to use a 2600 battery. If I use it moderately it will only last a day as well. I hope that an OS update will help out the battery life. The only app I run full time is berrybuzz. I've turned it off for a week and the battery life is the same. I just don't think the bold is worth getting, wifi doesn't even have n compatibility and I've never had trackball issues with any 3 of my BBs. I really like BB but at am frustrated with these subpar phones. I don't need a huge camera or screen, I just want a solid 24 hrs of battery, and at least 1gb internal app memory(or make it where it stays on a card). And for the people who ask why I need more than 10 hours of battery? I might be away from my apartment for more than 20 hrs @ a time and I don't want to be a charger ***** and be like a teen girl with an LG phone that carries a charger everywhere. Its total and complete garbage that I can't get a solid 2 days on a 2600mah battery.
    06-11-10 02:49 PM