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    First time poster...

    I have a Bold 9650 running OS; carrier Sprint. I believe there is a virus on it but basic anti-virus scans show nothing. However at random times there is a loud voice that will start up...sounds like some stand up comedian and he is telling a profane joke. the volume cannot be adjusted down or turned off and it is very loud. The only way to stop it is to pull the battery. I have tried several times to reproduce the incident and sometimes i can by starting an app or by plugging in the headphones (the voice still comes through the external speaker even when headphones are used). It all seemed to start after I had the phone in a Sprint store and they did a reset on it (or so they claim)...but I can't be 100% sure. it is very aggravating and I am just wondering if this has happened to anyone else...also if there is a cure...?

    i did a search for similar issues but couldn't find anything close enough...

    thanks everyone in advance.
    08-08-11 01:27 PM
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    Sounds like a corrupted OS load, actually. I've seen seen similar issues on some OS loads released by other carriers. Do you have a computer that you could use to reload the OS yourself?

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    08-08-11 01:50 PM
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    Very similar to this:


    I'd recommend convincing them to replace the phone, and never help you with an OS issue again.
    08-08-11 01:57 PM
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    Thank you sir...

    yes i have a computer with Blackberry desktop software. Is that how one should do a re-load of the OS? Can you give some tips on that?

    Thank you again...
    08-08-11 01:57 PM
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    Download a 9650 OS an install it on your PC. Follow the instructions in the link below.
    08-08-11 02:33 PM
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    Thank you...i will try this.
    08-08-11 03:08 PM
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    Thank you...very interesting. However i don't send or receive mms or sms text messages with audio files attached...at least i couldn't find any such messages on my phone. So I presume the corrupted OS load is the best answer...

    thanks again...
    08-08-11 03:11 PM
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    Had this happen to me last year - a buddy sent me a picture of some BS, and there was a hidden audio file attached. It changed my notification tones (phone, MMS, etc) to some guy cussing, exactly like what you're describing. Do a battery pull, wait a minute (literally, don't just pull and reinsert), and then reboot. Solved the issue for me.
    08-09-11 09:37 AM
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    OK fans...
    so I get home yesterday and hook up to the pc...download Blackberry Apploader and I installed OS which is a downgrade from OS removal and clean install, reboot and restore to a previous OS...guess what...same problem not 15 minutes after the phone restarted and I started up Sprint Navigation (which is the app I can usually re-create the incident with), here comes the same old intrusive dirty joke. So then I did a battery pull, which is what I normally have to do to get the phone to shut up, and it hasn't happened again...even when i tried this morning...so I am waiting to see if it is cured. By the way, I have no mms or sms with audio clips or anything like that...i also deleted all of my regular text messages as well before i did the downgrade...
    Maybe a battery pull with the latest 6.0 OS bundle (2647) will not clear the problem, but a battery pull with the next to the latest one (1659) will...so for now, I am NOT going to upgrade to the latest bundle. I'm trying to find out what the big difference is between the two of them (1659 vs. 2647) anyway...does anyone out there know??

    anyway many thanks to you guys for your suggestions out there...if this doesn't work i'm going to angle for a new Bold...wish me luck...
    08-09-11 01:46 PM
  10. pcgizmo#IM's Avatar
    See if a security wipe removes it.
    08-09-11 01:48 PM
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    I have also had this happen to me in the past, It was a sound clip of Barrack Obama followed by a gunshot....a touch inappropriate in public....just a touch.

    Security wipe the phone and aviod restoring everything, do just things like your contacts and other important information. The issue might be in the restore, you can reload the OS as many times as you want but if you restore the phone with the same old setting the glich might still be there.
    08-09-11 01:52 PM
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    no more incidents since downgrading to the older OS bundle. Now I'm most cautious of going back to .2647...maybe I'll just keep the old bundle and wait for my new BOLD which should be coming out this fall!!!
    08-11-11 11:14 AM
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    Anyway, the latest is...I had an issue with my phone the other day and I could not access my options menu. 'Uncaught exception...process terminated' or something like that whenever I tried to do it...so, reluctantly I took the phone home and did a quick OS upgrade back to bundle 2647...just so I could get my options screen back. Sure enough once I did the install and reboot, here comes the dirty joke man again...and so I did the battery pull like last time...but this time when I started sprint navigation. the dirty joke man returned...and so now I know how to recreate the incident. but obviously using the latest OS6 bundle allows this glitch to keep re-surfacing...I suppose its back to Sprint technicians I will go...this is a toughie
    08-16-11 08:13 AM
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    Did you try downloading 600 from Sprint's website, installing it to your PC, security wiping your phone and installing with apploader? Then just restore your contacts and calendar entries from your backup.

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    08-16-11 08:22 AM