08-03-09 05:22 PM
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    I have had all those applications running at once for well over a week now...zero issues.

    I havent done a battery pull yet on my phone. I clean my web browser's cache after each use...some dont do this so when they open a browser and have applications running, i guess that could cause it to cut off or whatever.

    I had such issues with my curve, but not the bold thus far. I think they tried to improve such glitches by improving on the devices internal memory (1GB i believe)

    No problem man, im sure i can be worst LOL and have bugged a lot of the more experienced users lol
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    Back to the memory issue, though, does that kill your memory? I hear so much about memory leaks and the like, and I'm wondering if that's just over exaggerated or there truly are problems as far as memory goes.

    Personally, I do not want to be forced to do a "battery pull" every day.

    EDIT: Sorry if I'm being a pest on this thread, but I really do appreciate the responses.
    If you run a ton of memory heavy apps it will lower your memory. But for the most part, you don't leave stuff like google maps running in the background 24/7, so close it when you don't need it.

    You do not have to do a battery pull every day.
    06-12-09 12:32 PM
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    The 3G S has 256MB RAM compared to the Bold's 128MB. And yes, the Bold is faster, but just slightly. Not enough to be a deal breaker, IMHO.
    You have to be careful comparing hardware specs on devices running two totally different OS's because they use the resources very differently.
    06-12-09 01:09 PM
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    thats what i figured which is why i mentioned just comparing off of specs, not comparing side by side. figured we wont know this till the 3GS is actually out.

    thanks for putting up the info on youe site papped! my only question is, what do you recommend, or how do you Decrypt your DVD? maybe this is where my problems arise.
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    When you go back to watch your slingbox on your iphone make sure you are at home next to your widescreen tv and router because you cant watch it using data from at&t. lol what a joke.
    might as well just have an itouch

    I watch my slingbox using my bold or my sony xperia or my nokia n86 on the train into the city over 3g airwaves. sweet
    06-12-09 01:32 PM
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    It amazes me how iphone users have to keep buying a new handset if they want their model to stay "current". Of course they don't have to buy the new s, but still! I would be livid if I had purchased a 3g and now there's a new one. The new S is a good gesture but IMO, it still doesn't compare. No other phone has the true push email. Just my opinion.
    Yeah, its not like RIM is coming out with a Storm II days after the Storm flopped...lol
    06-12-09 03:24 PM
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    Oh and I think Kevin made an AMAZING point when he compared the iPhone to the Bold.

    The iPhone is more of a device to use while stopped. It can be used on the go, but not as easily as the bb.

    The BOLD is a fantastic on the go phone...but to use it while sitting down is BOOOOOOOOOOORIIIIIIIIIIING!

    The default browser is painful to use and the screen is too small to enjoy media IMHO...

    These phones do different things better, neither is the greatest thing in the world...lol
    06-12-09 03:26 PM
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    Kinda of made me thing you are comparing Mercedes AMG and BMW M3.

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    06-12-09 11:02 PM
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    Any spec comparision?
    08-03-09 05:22 PM
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